Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day dos!

It was day 2 in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew and it was just getting better. On this day we were setting up the gallery for our grand opening reception of Cope’s “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition/ Indie184’s pop-up shop of her clothing line Kweenz Destroy. After setting up and getting the gallery ready, Indie and I snuck away to visit a thrift store we had passed while driving. I found a really cute vintage tote bag with old hot rods and palm trees that was so fitting for Miami, I practically wore it the entire time. After a crazy day of setting up we were off to a Jeremy Scott party at Base where he was showcasing his line for Adidas along with other nick-nacks. It was really fun and I was gagging over all of his clothes. We wanted to stay and see Jeremy but we ran off to see Mr.Brainwash’s exhibit. It was his opening so it was packed with people and just as awesome as I anticipated. There were huge spray cans of Ketchup, amazing murals and collages, giant horses, and a big giant potato head who resembled Brainy. You guys have to see the pictures, there are tons of them in this post!Brand new day and we could finally see the beautiful rainbow wall Cope2, Indie184, Ewok 5MH, and Jee created!Colors everywhere.
Paintings everywhere.How beautiful is this!?Aiko!This was the thrift store I ran into. How cute is my new tote bag!? By the way, the shirt I am wearing is from Indie’s new Kweenz Destroy collection. It’s a collaboration called “Lady Spray Can” and the character was designed by Ewok 5MH. I love it!!I fell in love with this Vanity at the shop. I even love the clock.This is the Evolve shop at Pop International Galleries. This was a sanctuary for painters all over Wynwood who needed fresh cans of paint.There was also a “Breaking and Entering” solo exhibition there that featured the works of  SKI and 2ESAE. Native New Yorker’s repping NYC in Miami!They are so talented.This was a pic I took of this cool spot we were hooked on called Lesters. They had the best empanadas!Galo painted the front of Cope’s gallery, he was so cool and down to earth. He even hooked up my iPhone with a cool skin! I love his characters!I kept sneaking photos of Jose, Cope’s videographer. Bothering him was too much fun lol.Cope 2 “Rise to the Occasion” Exhibit after setting up but no peeking till day 3!
How much is that pin-up in the window!? Cope’s throw up next to Galo was sooo necessary.
Posters upon posters!Look! Its me in Living Proof Mag!We hadn’t even opened up the gallery yet and Karma Loop was already asking to interview Cope. I sneaked a pic like a sneakymcsneakerton.The sun is going down, that means party time is arriving.Saw this on the drive home to get ready for the parties and felt it was fitting for a Scorpio like myself. 😉Jeremy Scott at BASE!Jeremy’s work screams pop art and I absolutely love it!I want it all!My girl Indie and I <3!lol we are so silly.You all know I had to bring Versace to its rightful place (Miami). I finally got to wear my Versace for H&M sunset skirt! My vintage blouse is by Evan Picone, it matched the hot pink of my skirt and my Steve Madden shoes so well. I also wore a panther belt and jewelry I snagged at Billy’s Antiques back home in NY. I even wore a fuchsia coat, you can’t see it here but it was by Bebe.
Indie looked great in her Rachel Roy yellow dress and Jeffrey Campbell pumps.lolololFull house!WANT WANT WANT!I love these cute little chairs we saw there.Jeremy has quite the imagination. I love it.
Rainbow piggy banks!I fell in love with this sweater!Indie found a cute jacket she liked. Amaze!I’ll take the bone tote please!I love the way these two gentlemen were dressed! They wore JS of course!Even the DJ was dressed. His energy and outfit reminded me of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.The Bar!Intergalactic!My uncle would have died seeing all of this greatness! He loves Jeremy’s line for Adidas!Of course this was one of my favorite outfits. 😉I love his winged vests for Adidas!Indie took Versace with her too, just look at her hand bag! She looked gorg!Off we go to see Brainy!Mr.Brainwash‘s Art show!I swear I caught a colorful heart attack the minute I stepped foot into this place.It was canvas upon canvas of amazing pop art with a message of love or humor. Mr.Brainwash, or “Brainy” as I call him; is a colorful soul whose heart is as good as gold so it is no surprise his art exudes just that. In the short time I’ve known him, he has been nothing but sweet and amazing. Not to mention funny as hell. I like that he isn’t afraid to have fun with art but also send a positive message.Me, Brainy, and Indie 😀“Where there is love, there is life”This piece was created with Vinyls. So amazing.
I love this one too!Einstein said “Love is the answer”Ketchup!Mickey!One of my favorite canvas’ at the exhibit. Brainy is so clever and has one hell of a sense of humor, he’s too funny! lolMadonna!Giant Polaroid!
Indie looking oh-so-pretty!

I loved all of the 60s furniture he had there. Gaad I wanted to take it all home with me!Campbell’s tomato spray!“Life is Beautiful.” It certainly is!I loveee these Superman pieces!Giant Zeus painting a giant heart without even dropping that leaf lolol.I spy Charlie Chaplin!“Art is all over”Its Felix the cat!Giant Star Trek Barbies!These were also my favorite, too funny!Yesssss!Lmao!Too cute!More cans of greatness!Planet of the Marilyn’s!THIS is DOPE.lolololGiant Paint!WEPA!Brainy potato head!Oh Charlie ❤Elvis in Vinyl!Storm Troopers!Off to get some noms at a cool diner!Gooood times! What a wonderful day!

Till day 3! 😉


13 Comments on “Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day dos!

  1. WOW! You really fit in perfectly there! The art is overwhelming. I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to BE there. The first outfit you have on with the black pants is just AMAZING. I love it.

  2. You look awesome, as usual 🙂 Looks like you had a great time! Next time I’m coming with 🙂

  3. I would have definately loved this event. Wish I could have been there with you guys. Love all the great art.

  4. DaaaaAaaamn you really go in on your post
    Amazing !!!! Perfection really
    We really had an amazing time can’t wait for next years art basel we doing it bigger!!!

  5. Girl, I think i just had an eyegasim looking at this post! First, I adored your Versace outfit. I liked how your worked that skirt and wore it in Miami. I’m glad you did a great coverage of this Mr. Brainwash exhibit! Maybe one day he can make it to Dallas.

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