Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day Uno!

I was invited out to Miami for Art Basel as a special guest at the Kweenz Destroy Pop-up shop at the Cope2 “Rise to the Occasion” gallery in Wynwood and couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such a monumental week with such beautiful people. Indie 184 (Kweenz Destroy artist & designer), Cope2 (OG world-renowned Graffiti artist), Fernando Ruiz (Curator), and Jose Montez (videographer), and I painted the entire town red. I wasn’t too crazy about Miami before attending Art Basel, and I can honestly say my views have changed completely. It was a whole week dedicated to celebrating art and the artists. Galleries were flooded with people day and night and the streets were no exception. Being exposed to so much art was very inspiring for me as I used to paint and draw a lot more than I do today. It meant even more that I was able to meet many of those artists and build friendships I can see lasting a lifetime. I swear I savored every moment I spent meeting people, soaking up the sun, and visiting parts of Miami I had never been to. I really enjoyed spending time with the KD crew and I would do it all over again if I could. I am very thankful that they invited me into their world; inspired and enlightened me. I learned a lot about Indie and Cope, they are nothing short of amazing and I admire their movement. Indie’s new collection for her line “Kweenz Destroy” had everyone, including me; gagging. It just gets better and better as each collection progresses and I was so excited to sport some of her pieces. I was also enamored by Indie and Cope’s artwork that was showcased at the gallery and all over the walls of Wynwood. Cope definitely had a presence out there in Miami. He was/is well-respected as a Graffiti OG and had everyone in Wynwood asking him to paint on their walls. Cope has taken his work from the nitty gritty streets to posh galleries all over the world. Cope and his partner Indie184 are taking over the art world one gallery at a time and I can’t wait to see what awaits them.

I don’t want to get into too much detail as this is only day one of my trip to Miami with the KD crew but as soon as we got off the plane, it was an adventure to remember. It was just day one and we got a first look at Wynwood, got to see Cope2 and Buff Monster create art, ate latin food that was to die for, and ended up at the W Hotel exchanging good conversation and a few drinks with Mr.Brainwash himself. Trust me you don’t want to miss these posts! Check out Day one of my trip inside!

As soon as we landed, we were graced by Romero Britto’s work all over the airport. I really love his colorful patterns and designs. We definitely saw more of him throughout our trip.I enjoyed every second of my trip with this inspiring lovely lady. We both like sweets so we had to take pics with these yummy lollipops!

The inside of the gallery wasn’t set up yet but we got to see a glimpse of a BEAUTIFUL colorful wall Cope and a few other artist’s created at the gallery lot.Then we were off to chill at the Wynwood walls where we saw even more beautiful artwork, my favorite being by Shepard Fairey of OBEY.Soooo cool!I loved this wall too! we did our nails on the plane to kill time 🙂We went to many latin restaurants, at this one we enjoyed steak, rice, and beans with tostones! Miami has great food!After some noms, we ventured around Wynwood to look at art and came across a funny quirkey gentleman named Buff Monster who was painting a giant ice cream cone I fell in love with. Buff Monster has such great energy and he happens to be one of Cope’s friends so they collaborated on the wall together. I can’t wait to show you guys what this wall looked like after they were finished, I love love loved it.That guy with the hat is Jose, he is a very talented videographer.Buff Monster and Cope being photographed in front of their piece.Driving around Miami we came across Mr.Brainwash’s exhibit where I was gagging with anticipation of its completion. Mr.Brainwash was a videographer and clothing shop owner and spent most of his time documenting street artists until he became an artist himself. He was also part of the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” that was directed by Banksy and the artwork attributed to Mr.Brainwash strongly emulates the styles and artistic concepts of well-known street artists Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Brainy is a man of ideas and he showcases them vicariously through his hired help of artists. Most people find that to be controversial and argue he isn’t a genuine artist but its like being a designer and having a seamstress bring your garment to life. People even speculate that he may be Banksy himself. This man is a genius and a wonderful person, I wish his oppressors could see that. I was sad his exhibition wasn’t ready and open to the public yet when we arrived but judging from the outside, it would be an event to remember……and it was. You guys will see more of it as these posts progress.How ironic is it that we were driving past Mr.Brainwash’s exhibit and suddenly we hear him calling Cope from the street to park and meet him in front of the W hotel. Mr.Brainwash and Cope have been good friends for sometime now and have even collaborated.So of course we left the car at the Valet and headed to the lounge inside of the W hotel but before we walked in I just had to take a picture of the cute Hello Kitty sculptures out front.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr.Brainwash and got to see, first hand, what all the fuss was about. He is such a sweet, genuine, humble, and fun person to be around. I absolutely loved him. I had just gotten off of the plane so I looked like a total bum and he made me feel so comfortable and at home.lololol we are a trip!lol Indie making faces as I sneak a pic.These two are trouble together, good trouble. Such great artists and great friends. If it wasn’t for Cope, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting Brainy.Cope’s mean mug face lol. He is such a nice guy, don’t be fooled!This little exhibitionist walked into the lounge with her outfit still in tact.Poolside!Brainy and Indie!Fernando was the curator for Cope’s gallery, he did a great job and many of Cope’s paintings were sold!Me and my sprite because I don’t drink lol. I tell people all the time, don’t be fooled. I don’t need to drink to dance on a table 😉

Till the next post!

Good times!


9 Comments on “Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day Uno!

  1. Glad you had a great time with such amazing artists. Can’t wait to see your next post.

  2. Ahhhhhh you met Mr BrainWash…i saw that doc. a while ago and was just fascinated by his extreme passion to cool i cant wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. I LOVE the picture of you and Mr. Brainwash! I’m really happy you blessed us with your features on all the graffiti art. I ESPECIALLY appreciate you sharing it with us all!

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