Boxing Kitten F/W 2011

As many of you may or may not know, I love culture. I incorporate culture into my style every single day and have never come across a brand that embodies what I love so effortlessly like Boxing Kitten. If you want quality retro constructed pieces that are adorned with fabulous Ankara textiles/fabrics, Boxing Kitten has it all and then some. I have been obsessed with this brand since I discovered it at a Capsule convention a few years ago and continue to be impressed as each collection progresses. Brooklyn bread bombshell Maya Amina Lake, is a visionary and the mastermind behind Boxing Kitten and I have been fortunate in getting to know the mastermind and beautiful soul behind this wonderful brand. She adores the rockabilly culture just as much as I do and incorporates those historical and classical silhouettes of the past into her line so effortlessly. Maya is a self-made designer and entrepeneur and I can’t wait to see her line and career continue to flourish within the fashion world. I am already gagging over her Fall/Winter 2011 collection and had to share it with all of you. Check out ANTM’s Naima Mora modeling the new Boxing Kitten collection inside!

Visit the Boxing Kitten website now!


7 Comments on “Boxing Kitten F/W 2011

  1. i didn’t even notice it was naima, but she’s still just as gorgeous! love the patterns too!

  2. I really love some of those pieces! The textiles are so exotic, electric but cozy (:

  3. These patterns are stunning, as is the model wearing them…Your blog Jasmin is one of the few that I subscribe to that I truly enjoy reading, because it is well-written, completely rocks the subject matter!

  4. I like to take one wild piece and incorporate it into my wardrobe. I don’t like to wear exotic from head to toe however. I decorate the same way. One loud, wild piece that gives the room a kick.

  5. Hey VV that is called Kitenge here in Africa esp Kenya. love it!!! most people wear kitenge during special occasions

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