Trend Rebels: Valissa Yoe

I am starting a new segment on my website called “Trend Rebels” where I feature talented individuals that are fearlessly ambitious and incredibly creative in all shapes and forms. Who better than stylista Valissa Yoe, to be the first one featured on my blog for this new segment? Valissa Yoe is the Jill of all trades, one of my favorite alphas of NYC, and a great friend of mine who never fails to inspire me with her amazing sense of fashion and talent. I love Valissa because she doesn’t think inside of the box. Her style isn’t safe, it is wild and daring. I love that she doesn’t limit herself when it comes to fashion and it also shows in her work. You can find Valissa behind the scenes of commercials, editorial campaigns, music videos, and TV shows styling all of your favorite celebrities from their makeup to their wardrobe or you can find her DJ’ing at your favorite hot spots of the NYC nightlife, turning wall flowers into footloose dancers. I have been doing photography a lot lately, as a hobby of course, and what better way to do a feature than to conduct a full-on photo shoot of this talented ambidextrous beauty? This is not only the premier of my new “Trend Rebel” segment of but a look into my work as a photographer. I shot Valissa in her own apartment, it was the day in the life of V and I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. This radiant red-head was a natural, her photos were flawless and needed little to no editing at all. See all of the photos I took of Valissa inside.

I hope you all like the photos I took of Valissa! Stay tuned for the next Trend Rebel segment!

Visit Valissa website by clicking here.

Follow Valissa on Twitter.

Photos by: Vintage Vandalizm


13 Comments on “Trend Rebels: Valissa Yoe

  1. she’s amazing! i love her her whole look, especially that hair! LOVE!

  2. I like the flats that she is wearing in the first couple of photos! SO random but my roommates and I were discussing read heads over dinner last Monday and decided they are either beautiful or ugly b/c there are so little people who are red heads to begin with!

  3. great job jazzy jazz maybe one day u can shoot pics of me some day amazing work her hair n brow color is deelish so bold shes got guts…. i like 🙂

  4. First off im a huge fan of Valissa’s styling work…she takes it to the edge, but you misses Vandal i have to say are killing it as the photographer here, again your talent know no bounds, hats off to the both of you for this set, what a TEAM!

  5. these pictures are amazing and the model is beautiful!! Great work…I love your blog

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