V.V portrait by AURORA ARMIJO

People don’t send letters anymore. Technology has sucked the life out of personal interactions and has made it far too convenient to send an e-card with just a click of a button. There is nothing more special than a personally written card, especially when the envelope is a hand-made map with an enclosed hand-drawn portrait by Aurora Armijo. The fact that such a talented artist would take the time to draw a picture of me makes me feel incredibly special and fortunate. It also convinces me that there are some people left in the world who value the same little-big things as I do. This portrait is beautiful, the envelope is genius, and I cant wait to frame it and hang it on my wall. Thank you Aurora for being such a beautiful person to someone you barely even know. I appreciate you.To see more of Aurora’s work visit her website by clicking here.

To visit her blog click here.


4 Comments on “V.V portrait by AURORA ARMIJO

  1. I know, right??? I love to write letters when I can. I buy cute rubber stamps, ethnic post cards, etc. It’s nothing better when I see the person to whom I sent it to and their expressions and laughter gives me a hoot.

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