A visit to the Bob Mackie showroom!

Bob Mackie is an incredible costume designer and has been a huge inspiration for me since I was just a little girl. As a child I wasn’t too keen on dolls, but Barbie was my exception. I realized, growing up, that most of my favorite Barbie’s were designed by Bob Mackie. I remember seeing his “Goddess of the Moon” doll in a Barbie collector’s catalogue my aunt bought me at FAO Schwartz; thinking she was the most beautiful Barbie I had ever seen. I strongly believe my fascination with Barbie resided with him and I am positive it has had an effect on my style today. I am not sure what it was about his work that stood out to me, it was a combination of many things like his extravagant gowns, beautiful head pieces, and his perfect imagination that he not only adorned dolls with, but brought to life for real women so effortlessly. I think he said something like “A woman who wears my clothes is not afraid to be noticed.” I am most certainly not afraid to be noticed or afraid of wearing fashionably loud outfits for no occasion at all so I could definitely relate to him as a person with a huge imagination that has no limits. Realizing the pattern of Bob Mackie sketches, gowns, and Barbie’s I gravitated to, I dove deeper into his work and became more delighted when I found out that he designed many of Cher’s costumes along with my old-time favorite, Judy Garland. Bob also dressed other leading women like Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Liza Minnelli, Carol Burnett, and more. Cher’s outfits were always my favorite. I plan to look like her when I get older and hopefully one day I will be able to have a dress designed by Bob Mackie.

A few weeks ago I was sent an email that made my life. I was invited to the Bob Mackie showroom to discuss future collaborations. I met his wonderful staff and saw many of his amazing sketches and Barbie’s in person. I even learned more about him and am so happy about what’s to come. I wanted to share with you all, my experience at the Helmsley building where I was inspired to do more, create more, and be more thanks to Bob Mackie and his wonderful colleagues at his showroom. Check out photo’s and more details of my experience inside.

The Helmsley building is breathtaking. The architecture is so beautiful.This is the elevator ceiling, I was floored by the decor. These little things make me so happy.Portrait of Bob Mackie! I didn’t get to meet him but I am sure it is in the cards.How amazing is this perfume add? Of course he designed the dress and the head-piece. It is a beautiful butterfly drenched in sequins.Some of his cool sketches, he also designs furniture and other household items!This is what the conference room looked like as we were all brainstorming.
I was given two really amazing books, I was the happiest girl in the world. lol Look at my face, can you tell I was thinking “ugh…I wishhhhh”. That indian inspired dress is to die for.I got to view many of his beautiful current Barbie’s and they were STUNNING! From left to right is his new Dracula Barbie, Golden Legacy Barbie, and his Ring Master Barbie.Like a kid at a candy store! lolI feel so fortunate to have met these two women. Jenelle, on the left, was so lovely and so down to earth, much like the rest of corporate that greeted me with open arms. Chris, on the right, is one of thee most amazing people I have come across this year. We actually met each other at the IFB conference and have been friends ever since. Low and behold, after keeping in touch she told me she worked for Mackie (I Died) and wanted to get me into the showroom to discuss a few things, and as a woman of her word, she did. I felt and still feel so lucky.These are Mackie Kitty Kat Klub prints, they are soooo cute!Many of these sketches were produced, can you imagine wearing any of these gowns?I love his rendition of Chiquita Banana! I would love to be her in this costume next Halloween or on a regular day lolol. The top one reminds me of Josephine Baker’s banana burlesque outfit!I also love these safari-themed dresses. I’d wear all of them in a heartbeat!These are some of my favorites. They are called the “Floradora” girls. Ugh- AMAZING!You know I had to visit the showroom in fashion so I wore my favorite vintage find, a beautiful tan wool coat adorned by fur and my matching fur hat. I purchased this coat because it reminded me of a Barbie coat I had for my dolls when I was younger. I also wore a simple black dress underneath and my Steve Madden nude heels. Sleek and chic.My earrings are from no other than Billy’s Antiques. They are vintage gold and glossy pearls.His “Puttin on the Ritz” sketches are soooo cool.I love these “Drawing Room Comedy” flapper sketches too. I take a lot of inspiration from the 1920’s.Could you imagine doing burlesque in any of these? I sure can!I love this 1920’s inspired sketch as well. It’s called “The Roaring Twenties.” I love how everyone’s outfit is cohesive.How cute are his clowns!And LASSTTT but not LEAST…This is his “Pink Showgirls” collection. These are my ultimate FAVORITES! I want them all! I gravitated towards these prints as sooon as I got to the showroom.

Of course I had to take a picture beside them. I adored them so much. You can buy many of these prints on Mackie’s website. I plan to take home a few to adorn my walls. What better way to decorate your place than to have Bob Mackie prints on your wall?

I left the showroom even more inspired by Mackie, he is a visionary, a connoisseur of all things beautiful. His designs are made and brought to life for exhibitionists who simply love looking extravagant. This is a man who understands women, their body’s, what they like, and he knows how to make them feel and look great. I aspire to be a successful designer like him someday and maybe just maybe have a chance to be made into an actual Barbie doll (A girl can dream). This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share what’s to come in the near future!

Stay tuned!


8 Comments on “A visit to the Bob Mackie showroom!

  1. Jas. I work in the Helmsey building!!!!! I wish I would have seen you in the lobby!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree, been in love with Bob Mackie art of clothes since I was end of high school. Truly a talented person in the fashion world. Congrats !!!

  3. oh boi im so excited to see whats in store here, do i smell a Vinny Vandal styled dolly maybe? sniff sniff…whatever’s cooking on this i cant wait to see!

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