Nails Did: Orly “Orange Punch” nail polish!

If you look at many of my past posts, my nails are almost always orange. Orange has become one of my favorite colors aside from Teal and I toggle them both when I paint my nails. This particular neon orange color is by Orly, it is called “Orange Punch” and it is my favorite to date. It really pops and matches most of my outfits despite it being such an obscure vibrant color. I also like to pair it with my Mattese “Swinger” lip stick. It is almost like a dark tinted neon orange. See more details below.This color is perfect for Fall and Winter. I find that it looks great with army green and gray colors.
My friend Enchante put me on to this lipstick. What I love about this lipstick is that it lasts and doesn’t bleed like a matte lipstick but has enough moisture that it lays soft on your lips instead of getting dry and flaky.

You can find both of these items at your local Ricky’s.

Stay tuned for next weeks color!


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