Versace for H&M

The Versace for H&M collection just launched a few days ago and aunt, uncle, and I were first in line for the madness. Now I have never waited on a line overnight for ANYTHING but this collection was more than worth it. I have to say I havent been impressed by a collaboration since Erin Fetherston for Target, but then there was Versace. I have been in love with Versace since I discovered them in High School. I own some cool vintage pieces that will never go out of style which was why I was so excited when I found out they were collaborating with H&M. I have to honestly say that Donatella gave this her all despite it being an affordable ready-to-wear collection. I feel that most designers who collaborate with affordable companies like H&M or Target, half-ass the designs and work more on the promotional aspects. This wasn’t the case with Versace as she designed a collection that looked expensive but costed very little to those hard-working penny-pinching fashionistas and fashionistos all over the world. Even the video Versace created for the H&M launch deemed impressive, it was a visual of what my brain looks like. She made sure the line was 100% true to the Versace aesthetic with tropical, regal prints, and lots of leopard. Even the men’s collection was to die for, I was so close to buying the men’s hot pink suit in the smallest size they had. I did purchase the blue leopard men’s tee to go with my palm tree leggings though, I couldn’t resist it. My hat goes off to Versace for creating such a flawless collection and I am so excited I got my hands on everything I wanted. I bought a men’s top, the palm tree leggings, the leopard and hot pink cameo skirt, the panther choker, and 2 different color scarves. I would have gotten the blue leopard jacket but felt it was one of those pieces I’d see everywhere on every one so I passed. I loved the dresses as well but as you all know I have a million and one dresses, I really just wanted to focus more on the things I didn’t already have that I could style my way.

To see the lookbook of the collection check inside!


I am actually selling my leopard Versace for H&M skirt in a size 2 at my shop because I bought the wrong size. It is brand new with tags attached and is sold out everywhere.

Click here to head to my shop now!


4 Comments on “Versace for H&M

  1. Wow, I wish we had H&M here in NZ. Being from the UK originally I miss H&M, Mango and Zara. Nice blog :o)

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