My 25th Birthday Celebration at Blind Barber!

Last week, last-minute, my girl Valissa Yoe planned my birthday party at the Blind Barber. I have been working like a mad woman and hadn’t had any time at all to plan my big 25 but my girl Valissa came to the rescue and to top it off, she DJ’d too! I swear, my birthday was so wonderful I kept thinking something bad was going to happen. Everything fell into place and everyone came out to party even though it was a last-minute event. This birthday made me realize how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life who genuinely care about me. They made a conscious effort to make sure my day was special and I feel so fortunate to have all of you, even my readers who couldn’t attend, supporting me and loving me for who I am. I received so many birthday wishes it was nearly impossible for me to thank all of you but I tried my best to personally do so. If I missed any of you, just know I am truly thankful.

The Blind Barber was the perfect venue for my birthday party. The 1920’s barber shop setting tugged on my heart-strings and the lounge/bar in the back was no exception. My guests and I were greeted with the best hospitality and we had such an amazing time. Just going through the pictures makes me smile. We danced, we conversed, we laughed, and we ate delicious cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Shop on Prince Street thanks to my loving friends at Billy’s.

Take a look at more photos and details of my party and what I wore inside!

I had two outfits in mind but this one felt more Birthday Girl-ish. I wore a vintage red cape, a ballerina corseted cocktail dress I bought in Vegas, my glitter Steve Madden pumps, vintage jewelry, gloves, and my vintage red hat.
I was so happy my girl Ingrid and Enchante were by my side on my birthday. These girls are my heart. They looked beautiful.I was also so happy my friend Seth came, he is a dancer and always traveling. It was an awesome surprise he made it.My pretty lil pinup princess! Ingrid made my birthday extra special, this girl has a heart of gold and I love her so much for being there on my birthday, taking such wonderful photos, and getting me a cute birthday cake I annihilated because it was so tasty.lololol she’s my right hand woman!Me and Chris. I love this girl and was so happy she came to my party. She has an amazing blog, you guys should check it out! She also took many of the pics in this post.Seth and I 😀
lol we took a prom picture together lolololol.lmao!This is my girl Steph! She is going to be one of my muses when I come out with my line. I love her!
Go on whicha bad self!
Wven and I. We take the best pics together. I adore him.My loves!V.V postcards and cute coin pouches for the ladies at my table!Bring on the drinks!My girl April came! I ran and hugged her!My girl Nina and April conversing. I’ve known Nina for a long time, so gladdd we reconnected!My girl V on the 1’s and 2’s!Isn’t she beautiful!?Sexy!My girl Darling Cait also attended my party looking AMAZING in her vintage dress and victorian boots. This girl never seizes to amaze me, I am so happy she came. She is such a great friend, love you girl!This is my dapper friend Dane who has been an amazing supporter of and I since High School! He is amazing and I appreciate him. Thank you for coming!
Chris and her sweet friend ❤I met Fabian at my party and he is such a cool dude not to mention a talented artist.<3April creates the best jewelry, look at the piece on her neck!My girl Ryan came to my party and I died! This girl is so amazing and so beautiful, I am glad we are such good friends. We are a great team. Love you!Enchante had everyone mesmerized by her glamorous look and red glittered lips. Such a beautiful girl with a just as beautiful soul.
ParttyyyyyyyyI didn’t want to click my heels and go home!The back room of the bar was adorned with really cool paintings, books, a radio, and cool seating. We couldn’t resist taking pictures back there.Kissy!lololol Valissa put this one song on that had me dancing, Ingrid captured the moment.Sassyyyyy/Normally I don’t like wearing red, but lets face it..This is totally my color.
My best friend Derek wasn’t going to be able to attend my party so when he showed up, it was the best gift ever. This guy is my heart, I couldn’t have gotten through years of my life without him and I feel so blessed to have someone I can count on no matter what happens. He knows he can always count on me too.
Me and my bestestestest friend in the entire world. lolol He’s my brother from another mother!I love that we captured this moment of my friend Derek and his bella Enchante.I couldn’t be happier for the both of them. 2 beautiful people in my life.Drink it up!I don’t normally drink but I had a cocktail or two. lollol can you tell?lol my friend Nunni being silly. So happy he came too, he always makes me laugh.Cupcakes!!!!!Yummy coconut!This is the part where I make a wish!………….Done! WOOOO HOOOOOO!My friends are toooo sweet and brought me gifts!
One of my readers (Shelz) came to my party and even got me this cool Rocksmith shirt! She is sooooo sweet and I am glad I met her. I love making new friends!Me and Shelz, such a lovely lady!My girl Enchante knows me all too well, she got me this Butter polish I had been eyeing and a Tokio Milk perfume I love love love!One of my friends got me this really cute beaded poodle and an old camera! Too sweet!My girl Melissa came to my party! I was so happy she made it, she’s been working hard on her own projects while fighting oppresors via #OWS. Girl is a hero and a business woman!My girl Kerry also attended my party! She is one of thee most humble beautiful people I have come across this year. Ummm can we talk about how hot my girl Yumna looked at my party??!?!?!?!?! I haven’t seen her in forever and was so happy she came to my party! This talented lady is a great photographer and artist! I feel fortunate to have shot with her!<33333His bella and his pain in the butt lololol!lololol Me and Tim work together at Billy’s but him and my boss Jay have become my best friends. I love them so much and was glad they both attended my party.
My boss and friend Jay who made it to my party! I love my boys and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Thank you guys for always being such great friends!My Iniminimac!Miggs and Mac! Miggs is a talented film director who is going to eventually take over every cinema in the world with his vision.lololol the crew!Tim was rockabilly’d out! You go boy!Me and my girl V! Team Alphas!This woman is like wine, she gets better with time!lol the crazy part of the night lololol!My girl Mala and Nicky! Mala is an adored rapper and Nicky is her manager but outside of work they are great friends and I am so happy these lovely ladies attended my 25th!Too cute!April and Chris!Miggs and I striking a pose!Dance time!!!WEPA!lololol Look at my love Jerry in the back!
lmaoooMy favorite couple!toooo cuteeeee.lolololol we were so done.Hats off!I don’t think I stopped cheesing at all throughout my party.
Do ju like my hair? I bought a waver and it saved my life!<3333

Thank you to everyone who attended, even those who didn’t attend who sent me birthday wishes. My friends and family; you all made this day so special for me. I love you all.


13 Comments on “My 25th Birthday Celebration at Blind Barber!

  1. Aaawww So glad you had an amazing time !!!! You looked Fabulous ❤ This is such a small world. I actually went to school with Steph.. Shes such an awesome girl !!!

  2. Had a smile all the time looking at all the great pictures. You looked lovely and all your friends looked fabulous too. Glad that you all had a great time.

  3. These pictures are so good – they made me smile too! Glad you had such an amazing party, the dress was killer X

  4. it was soooo much fun…and Jazzy every one of your friends loves you sooo much! it was just a beautiful night and it was all in celebration of a beautiful lady..I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! and this one rocked!…Plus you looked like a Pin Up Goddess! so so SO Darling!

  5. Your Birthday was AMAZIING! AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL! BRILLIANT! And it ROCKED! There’s so many adjectives i could use to describe your birthday and you as well! Im glad that I was a part of it. You looked Friggin Amazing in your RED outfit! My favorite color! XD It was my first V.V party and definitely not the last. ❤ XOXO ❤
    oh yeah The Best Post EVER! XD

  6. I’m glad you lOved what I got you that perfume was SOOO YOU I had to grab it for you!!! Love you to pieces sugapie (:

  7. looks like everyone ahd a blast!!!!I’m glad you enjoyed yourself despite all the negative energy you were getting because it was so last minute. YOU LOOKED LOVELY! So sad I couldn’t make it!! dance rehearsals 😦

  8. *HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY JASMIN*…super cute dress. I looove red!!!
    I have to know where your friends Steph’s jacket is from. A leather jacket with roses. THE shit!

  9. Your birthday party looks so awesome! Looks like you had an amazing time! Love it! And grwat outfit by the way!

    -Joanna (The Flower Tiki)

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