Pure Collection: It’s a Cashmeracle!

Many of us New Yorker’s know that this Winter is going to be a chiller and one of the things I like to stock up on during these months of torture is lots of cashmere. Nothing keeps me warm like a good cashmere sweater which is why I bring to you these women’s jumpers from Pure Collection. PC has the best selection of cashmere, I am personally a huge fan as I have many of their sweaters/jumpers already stocked up in my closet. The quality is what I look for and after buying my first jumper from PC, I was hooked. If you were wondering, “Jumpers” is a term loosely used in the 1950s and 60s to describe sweaters. I am glad Pure Collection still uses this term today and it inspired me to do this post about how you can incorporate these wonderful modern Pure Collection sweaters into a 1950’s look. I know Winter can be hard for fashionistas because you have to be in a coat, but this post is about staying in fashion during the coldest of times.

This is the cashmere round neck sweater by Pure Collection. This wonderfully soft pure cashmere classic sweater has neat ribbed trims to give it a clean, modern feel. It comes in many colors but this teal is my favorite. It can be worn old-fashioned like the image below.You can wear the PC cashmere round neck sweater with a cute plaid skirt and a small fur stole that hugs your neckline like the image above. I would go with a wool skirt to keep you warm and maybe some tights or stockings for your legs.This is the Pure Collection Raglan sleeve sweater. I love how it is cropped and neat with a deep rib at the waist, this seasons cable sweater works perfectly dressed up or down. In soft lambswool and cashmere. It also comes in many colors and can be worn old-fashioned like the image below.What I love about the Pure Collection raglan sweater is that you can wear a white button down underneath and pair it with a high-waisted skirt like this image. I love this entire outfit and would wear the PC sweater just like this.This is Pure Collection’s cashmere sweatshirt and I would wear it exactly like the image above as well as the image below. Sometimes I don’t want to get all dolled up and have a more laid back look. This is a deluxe take on a classic sweatshirt, this comes in pure cashmere with a relaxed shape, three quarter sleeves and graduated rib detail at the neck. If you are a glamazon like myself, you can also wear it like the image below.You can take the cashmere sweatshirt and stretch it to your hips, belt it, and lap it over a cute pencil skirt for a wonderful work outfit or just to be sexy and chic :).
Last but not least is Pure Collection’s Merino blend cropped round neck cardigan. I feel like I need a cardigan in every color to match every dress I own. This is a versatile wardrobe staple designed to fit neatly at the waist, this flattering cropped cardigan has deep rib trims, three quarter sleeves and a simple round neckline and can be worn old-fashioned like the image below.

The Merino cardigan can be worn with trousers or tapered pants like this. I also like how the woman in the image above is also wearing gloves. How posh! The Merino blend cropped round neck cardigan comes in a color called Blue Haze if you want to reenact this look.

Images: Pure Collection

Editorial 1950s Images: Source unknown


4 Comments on “Pure Collection: It’s a Cashmeracle!

  1. In the UK/Europe “jumpers” is actually still the term used for sweaters. I think this company is a UK company so it makes sense. Where did you find the images of the girl with the retro styling–were those from a magazine or did you style them? I love them!

    • Yeah I love that they still use the term Jumper. It is a English/British term passed down through the generations. I wish we kept the same vernacular as the 50s here in the US. The images of the 1950s is from google images, I couldn’t find the source for some reason but I am guessing it is an editorial pulled from Vogue or Bazaar. I didn’t style them but these images describe my Winter style to a T. Glad you like them! ❤

      • They’re absolutely perfect! Definitely very inspiring as I do my Fall/Winter shopping. I love the look of tight sweaters tucked into the full wool skirts. I want one of each of these!

  2. thank you soooooooooo much for this post! definitelyyy helps me with more fashion options for this winter that are great throwback looks and still warm :]]

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