Betsey Babe!

I snagged so many things at the last Betsey Johnson sample sale that I am still wearing certain items I purchased for the first time like this amazing “Betsey Babe” printed sweater-coat. At first I thought pairing it with the matching leggings would be a bit much but my sense of style is always a bit over the top, why limit myself now? I actually really love this outfit, I have the dress, leggings, jacket, and cardigan in this print as well. I just feel the leggings were more fitting than the dress this time around. I wanted to add some dark contrasts so I paired this coat and leggings with my new Jeffrey Campbell Tardy black boots I just got for my birthday. I have been dying to get these boots for forever and finally got my hands on them. They are so comfortable and match everything. Underneath it all I had on a simple thermal white shirt to keep me warm for those cold nights at Billy’s. My earrings are also by Betsey Johnson, I can’t help it, she tugs on my fashion-heart-strings with everything she creates.This coat is so elegant with the faux fur trim. I like to belt everything so I belted it to accentuate my waist.I love my boots! I kinda want them in every color. They also match my Betsey Johnson biker gloves :).
The platform makes me 5’6 😀 lololThese are my Betsey Johnson door knocker earrings. They had skulls on them but I didn’t like it so I took them off. They are perfect now. They remind me of egyptian pyramids.
I kept it simple underneath. Crazy prints need a bit of simplicity. I love that my leggings are high-waisted.Later on that day I met this lovely lady Lanz, who is a rapper that shot some footage at Billy’s. She is really talented and did a great job shooting her video. I have a little cameo in it as one of her girl friends lol. That was fun.

Good times!

Photos by: Timothy Dark


5 Comments on “Betsey Babe!

  1. This is why I love your style so much. You take risks unimaginable to others~~ even me! Had I saw these 2 pieces on display I wouldn’t have thought twice about pairing them; but you always think outside the box proving that anything is possible. I love it!! XO

  2. This was the day that I saw you sitting outside Billy’s! Wish I could’ve said hello! Next time 🙂

    -The Flower Tiki (Joanna)

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