Lucy I’m Hooommmmeee!

I have been so swamped the last few months that I swore I wouldn’t be able to put together a costume in time for Halloween. You know, I usually go hard or go home with anything I do because I am a perfectionist-pain-in-the-ass, so I wasn’t even going to celebrate Halloween until my cousin invited me to her party. I missed my family so much I couldn’t refuse and I wasn’t going to show up without a costume. I had to come up with something quick and decided I would be Lucille Ball from “I love Lucy” and it was inspired by a convo I had with one of my friends earlier that month about how we both love how she was not only easy on the eyes, but quirky and fun. So I just threw my red wig on, a green vintage dress, an apron with a matching head-piece, and my Steve Madden nude pumps. I cut out a red heart out of a Verizon brochure she had on her desk and just pinned it to my dress; super ghetto, I know! Whatever, I made it work. After a half hour of dolling myself up thinking…”this just isn’t going to work..this wig isn’t going to look right in a pony tail..I didn’t even prep this!” I was shocked…I had pulled off being Lucille Ball. Somehow, someway, I styled the wig to look exactly like Lucy’s! That wasn’t the only highlight of my day. I was able to see my family that I missed so much and my mother surprised me with an early “Nightmare before Xmas” birthday cake! My family is amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better pre-halloween/pre-birthday celebration! Check out more photos inside!

It’s not her signature polka dot dress but it works!Come on…We all know Halloween is every day for me. lol. Being Lucy was such a treat!
These gloves were a gift from my dear friend Stephanie, I love her!Luccyyyyy I’m hommmmeee!Ewwwwwww!My cousin Natasha did such a great job decorating and baking all of these goodies! Look at how pretty my birthday cake is!ewww lalaaaa.
My mother is so amazing. Thank you mom for the cake! I love you!

Wait till you guys see what I wore on the actual day of Halloween!

Good times!

Stay tuned!


10 Comments on “Lucy I’m Hooommmmeee!

  1. Loved the costume! Wow! Im impressive how fast you threw it together and very impressed with your creativity with the “Verizon” heart. 🙂 Another great job well done! Loved it XD
    You’re so Dope! 😀

  2. You know Lucy is my favorite too!! She’s so inspiring as a business woman, not to mention a comedic genius!! You did her justice this Halloween. Gorgeous!

  3. Jasmin! Like I said before I cant think of a better person to be Lucy for Halloween! BRILLIANT! you looked amazing. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY LOVEBUG!!! xoxo

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