Bad Cop!

On Halloween day, I was plannning to wear my “I love Lucy” costume but decided to ditch it and take a detour. While rummaging through my closet I came across a vintage officer hat I had put studs in and it inspired me to be a cop. Of course this isn’t your typical cop outfit, but In my perfect world this is how a female cop would dress. I love leather, patent leather, and studs. This outfit had me written all over it and I couldn’t have been more excited to have 2 costumes this Halloween that I was 100% happy with when I wasn’t going to celebrate it at all. I just had the outfit so I needed a little help with accessories. Of course Billy’s Antiques had everything I needed like a fake pistol, a ticket book, a badge, and some hand cuffs. I wore my Super Trash leather jacket, vintage leather shorts, House of Holland tights, and my Dolce and Gabbana spiked boots. I can’t remember where my gloves are from. My hair is actually a wig that’s been collecting dust on my mannequin for months now and I finally put it to use. I kinda like having a curly fro, it is exactly what my hair would look like if it held a curl lol.

After working at Billy’s I headed to Santos with my friends Ryan, Tim, and Andrew where we partied like it was 1999. I couldn’t have asked for a better Halloween. See more photos inside!

Say hello to my litto friend.I love my Super Trash leather jacket with my vintage shorts! Perfect combo!Look at my hat! You know I had to put studs in it!I could live in these House of Holland tights. I snagged these and I still wear them!These are my Dolce and Gabbana babies. I have to buy more studs. Rawr! I was a little midget running around shooting blanks at everyone all day lol.Giving Tim a ticket lmao.
lol My friend Jay in the afro wig. Hilarious!!!
A gypsy, Tim, and a corrupt hundred-dollar bill from Occupy Wall street. lolol
Santooosssss!Me and Ryan danced the entire night. I needed that. I absolutely love her!

Good times!

Photos by: Timothy Dark


10 Comments on “Bad Cop!

  1. Loved this costume as well!
    The vid hilarious! LoL!
    And the pic with you giving Tim a ticket. i literally eL-Oh-eL’d lol

  2. You look amazing with that curly fro!! You should wear it more often! You look exotic! Curly hair girls rule! 🙂

  3. Love it as usual!!! Your creativity seems to always take us to amazing places ; ) xoxoxo

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