La Redoute Winter Cardigans and Knitwear!

If you are a New Yorker, you already looked out your window and saw that there is a blizzard outside. We are all weirded out by the fact that there is already a snow storm so early in the year, especially since we were all in shorts just a week ago..but why complain about it? Lets be prepared! This post couldn’t come at a better time my eskimo and non-eskimo friends. I want to introduce you to the oh-so-stylish and classic cardigans from La Redoute. LR has been France’s number 1 fashion collection for 12 years and offers men, women, and children; apparel, accessories, and even housewares. Upon finding the site I went directly to their cardigan and knitwear section where I found tons of really cool sweaters that totally fit my Winter style. I want to show you dolls all of the styles I found and all of the creative ways La Redoute shows you how to sport your sweater this Winter. Check it out inside!

ELLOS Shawl Collar Cardigan with Jacquard Motifs

Ive noticed many women on the NY streets are now wearing native jacquard printed cardigans and coats. I happen to love cultured textiles so it is no surprise that I am loving this trend. La Redoute has some pretty cool native printed long cardigans in tons of different colors. This one comes in two colors.

Long Hooded Jacquard Knit Cardigan

This cardigan has a jacquard knit as well only it has a hood and a belted waist. I love to wear hoods and belt my cardigans so this one is perfect too!

Faux Sheepskin Waistcoat

How amazing is this faux sheepskin waistcoat? I love how La Redoute styled this model in high-waisted white pants, a brown belt, brown boots, and a cool blouse. I could see myself wearing this entire outfit, especially that bag! You can be warm and fashionable!

Long-Sleeved Cardigan, Cotton/Viscose/Angora Knit

I love preppy cardigans that make me feel like I actually went to school lol. I didn’t of course. I actually hated it but I don’t mind throwing on a preppy cardigan or varsity jacket every now and then with some high-waisted pants, spectator shoes or boots, and a boyfriend shirt to channel my inner square. 😉

Jacket-Style Cable Knit Cardigan

This is a knitted Aran-style jacket-style cardigan with cable knit detail. This beautiful cardigan makes me want to roast marshmellows and make smores in the woods lol. I love the color, the buttons, and the faux fur neckline. I’d wear this cardigan with anything, even a sweater dress like its shown above!

Cable Knit Cardigan

This is a short and more simple version of the cable knit sweater above and it doesn’t have the fur neckline. If you don’t want the theatrics and just want a sweater you can wear with anything and everything, this one takes the cake. You can belt it like La Redoute shows above and pair it with a cute scarf and jeans. You can also scrunch up the sleeves and wear long gloves with it.

Open-Style Cardigan

I love the elegant drape appeal of this long cardigan, can you imagine belting it? I mean you just can’t go wrong with this one. You can even close the neckline with a cute broche and leave the rest free and open.

Double-Breasted Cape, 30% Mohair

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good cape? This Double-breasted cape is sure to keep you warm and fashionable. I love how La Redoute paired this cape with a plaid top and cuffed jeans. The wedged boots add a great touch too.

Now head on over to La Redoute to get yourself ready for Winter!


One Comment on “La Redoute Winter Cardigans and Knitwear!

  1. i love these winter styles! i was wondering maybe one day if you could do a post about winter vintage/vintage inspired style? winter is so hard for me to keep up with my pinup wardrobe without looking costume-ish or matronly >.<

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