Business as usual.

The other day I got a call-back for a casting I did about a week ago. The idea was to be the business woman for the commercial and tone down my look. For the first casting I wore all black and ironically, it took me longer to get dressed than it usually does with my most creative outfits. I guess it is because I didn’t really feel like myself. For the second casting I decided to spice it up despite what I was told but still kept it light and casual. This outfit was more “me”. I felt great, I felt confident, and hopefully I will get lucky and get called to do the commercial. Till then, here are photos of my look that day. I wore a Zara blazer I purchased as a teen in H.S that I vandalized with my artwork. This is what actually started the “Vintage Vandalizm” movement. The first time I wore it I had people from all over the city asking me to make them one and it became my little business. I would buy vintage blazers in bulk at the salvation army, design, and sell them. I’ll never forget the day I gave an order to one of my customers and he said “Oh my god, I love it. Its like vintage vandalizm”. That was it from there, I knew that is how I would identify myself. It described me in so many ways. I wish he knew he changed my life with that one sentence and I hope this blazer gave me a pinch of luck for my casting, it has come a long way.Here is a better view of the image I drew on my Zara blazer. I used a chartpak marker lol. The images are not mine, the drawing of the woman and the rose on the back and the rose on the front is inspired by images I found online somewhere. I also wore my favorite American Apparel trousers, I have them in almost every color. They match my blazer perfectly. I think my sweater is H&M. I kept my makeup light and sweet. A simple cat eye, some blush, and ruby woo’d lips. As far as my hair, I am not sure what I did but it worked lol. I wish you could see my earrings in this pic lol. They are tiny little clip-on ships. Vintage of course…from Billy’s Antiques of course.I am not really sure how I made this outfit work but I tied all of the colors together with a vintage 1930s clip-on bowtie.My purse is also vintage, I love it because it has a preppy feel to it. I wore a vintage dark blue belt to compliment the shoes and purse too. My ring is from Billy’s Antiques.Last but not least are one of my favorite platform Mary Janes from Forever 21. They are so comfortable and so chic.


14 Comments on “Business as usual.

  1. WOW another amazing outfit! You look gorgeous as usual 🙂
    I wish I had your creativity!

  2. They would be dumb if they dont give you a call back because the first thing that came out of my mouth seeing the picture was, ohshit Jas looks hot!

    Best of luck girlie

  3. Absolutely fabulous! So femme fatale in an androgynous way. You’re blazer is equally amazing and I hope you patent it b/c after this post you’ll have plenty of designers biting. PS: It’s true what they say about people coming into your life even if for a second for a reason…that man that said Vintage Vandalizm clearly was one of those. Good Luck with your casting call.

  4. This is prob one of my favs of yours. LOVE. And that first photo of you is breathtaking. You’re so ridiculously stunning!

  5. I truly love old fashioned styles with that touch of modern here and there…This look is amazing…One of many I’ve viewed on your blog and truly appreciated/loved…

  6. I looks awesome! Are you still selling the blazers. They are very dope….I think I need one in my collection…

  7. I really appreciate that blazer and the paisley bow tie! I love how you explained to us where you name come from. I had always wondered. Just looking at this blazer and knowing you designed it has really inspired me. This is such a fun outfit!

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  9. Avid follower of your blog and your artistry. I just happened to be watching The Simpsons last night and I think I saw the commercial. I was like “heeey that’s vinny! ” Was it a Metro PCS commercial or am I crazy lol?

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