Playful Promises Lingerie & Giveaway!

Etti Satin Retro Bra and High Waisted knicker

As many of you already know, I am obsessed with lingerie, specifically undergarments that channel the mid-century. My new obsession is a London-based brand called Playful Promises that has everything I need and more in store. Playful Promises features a wide range of sexy and playful lingerie that is not only easy on thee eyes but easy on your pockets as everything is reasonably priced. Who doesn’t love coming across brands that give you more bang for your buck? I already have 2 sets from Playful Promises that I adore and was amazed by the comfort and quality of both sets. Lots of lingerie companies showcase products that look great in photographs but don’t look great when you actually buy the product and receive it in the mail. Playful Promises, promises you great and high quality lingerie that will make you feel sexy and confident. It is amazing what great lingerie can do to your self-esteem. I swear, I could be in sweats and a tee; If I have sexy undergarments on I feel like I am in a pencil skirt and 6 inch heels. Lingerie is not all Playful Promises offers you, you can also find dresses, jewelry, swimwear, hosiery, shoes, and even other brands like one of my favorites “What Katie Did”. Here are the two amazing sets I purchased and recommend to all of you playful gals out there who love lingerie along with a few other products I have my eye on.
This is the Rose peach set. I love peach colored anything, it is just my color. I naturally gravitate towards nudes, peaches, oranges, and teals because it compliments my skin tone. This set is not only beautifully colored but so incredibly comfortable. I swear it feels like I am not wearing anything at all. The lace is soft and comfortable, not itchy and restricting. Its one of those sets you wish you had 3 of..Hell, I just may get my hands on another one just cause!This is the Etti Longline Bra, it is my absolute favorite. I have this set and I can’t tell you how sexy and comfortable I feel in it. Not to mention the fact that I love the structure and floral print. I love lingerie that is sexy and sultry but still has that bad girl edge. The back of the knicker is sheer and the satin is soft.This is the Stitch Corset. I love corsets and I don’t feel like I have enough of them. This one has been on my wish list for some time now. I may indulge ;).I love love love these Bettie Page dotty seamed stockings! I need these in my life right now!I feel every girl should have at least one pair of beautiful couture swarovski covered pasties.

Win 1 Genie Lace Triangle bra, 1 Genie Non padded lace bra and a brief in your choice of Black, Nude, or Muave by subscribing to and tell me what you love about Lingerie. How does it make you feel? What do you love about it? Let us know by commenting here and 1 lucky winner will have their very own Playful Promises set!

Playful Promises offers you the best in lingerie and more. Visit the store!

Good luck my loves! Giveaway ends November 1st!


37 Comments on “Playful Promises Lingerie & Giveaway!

  1. I absolutely love lingerie it makes me feel sexy when I dont feel sexy. Sometimes I feel like I have an alter ego and I can do role play with my husband. Lingerie can give any woman more confidence and self esteem about her body image and the way she feels about her self.

  2. Well, first off.. lovely post! I usually don’t enter contests but I couldn’t resist trying for this one!

    Lingerie to me, is so much more than looking good for your guy. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it should really be a treat first for the woman wearing it. It personally makes me feel like a walking gift waiting to be unwrapped. Even if there isn’t any unwrapping involved, I still love the secretly special feeling I get when donning lingerie and think every woman should find an excuse to wear it just to make herself feel gorgeous with a hint of naughty throughout the day. The lingerie shown here is beautiful and the quality looks great. I also appreciate the way lingerie can make any woman of any size, shape, and color look absolutely glamorous and can totally transform a woman’s look; even her personality! All in all, I love this style of intimate clothing much more than the modern look we have today and would totally love to win this contest! LOL

    Also, early congrats to whoever does win and I hope she ROCKS it too! 😉

  3. First things first, I am addicted to your blog:] Now, why do I love lingerie? Lingerie is delicate and sweet. It’s wild and sexy. It’s edgy and fun. Getting the right bra, the right panties, enhances your mood, it enhances the way you view yourself. Instantly, by placing something beautiful so closely to your skin, you feel better about the way you look. Lingerie is like a mini boost in self confidence. You walk a little taller, head held high, and although no one can see your secret weapon, you know it’s there looking fierce. When you decide to share it, letting someone see the flesh beneath your clothes, you feel sexy. To me, lingerie isn’t your flower print thong, or your leopard print bra. Lingerie is a tool of seduction at it’s finest. I believe that every girl needs at least one matching set that she can feel empowered in, whether she wears it for herself, or someone else. There’s nothing better than feeling completely beautiful in the most minimal of pieces.

  4. Lingerie is a fashion statement when it comes to love & passionate sex. From the simplest item covering your entire body frame or the sheerest two-piece that barely covers yours good..its not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. I love Lingerie because it gives me a sense of freedom & playful-ness behavior. Considering that they don’t probably stay on for too long, its softness, cold texture against the body stimulates your urge to feel sexy & beyond. Also, what man doesn’t love a woman in a outfit that can only be seen in the bedroom. Playful promises has some items that will soon be mine, loved their website!

  5. Lingerie is the best. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it looks. It’s not like a person needs lingerie to be sexy, though. Lingerie is a wonderful accent to how beautiful every single body is. It makes me feel strong and powerful. If I could afford it I would wear lingerie every day. The feeling of wearing lingerie under normal clothes is one of the funnest feelings in the world. Lingerie makes me aware of how lovely I am. It makes me feel like strutting and posing. It makes me feel like I can do anything. I love how much you can tell about a person by their lingerie. Lingerie is so personal and individual. It brings out the real you.

  6. i love that no matter how tame what i’m wearing on top is, my lingerie is always very sexy and seductive underneath, my little secret 🙂

  7. Lingerie, lingerie lingerie, need I say more? Probably not, but I will!

    Lingerie is not only sexy but it is definitive. You can tell what type of gal a lady is but how she carries herself in the bedroom. I love lingerie because it brings sides out of me that I may not have known existed. Sometimes I can feel submissive, sexy, sweet, or dominating all by the lingerie I have on. Lingerie is the sexiest accessory in the bedroom and it would be amazing if this giveaway could be apart of my flirty, dirty, girly collection.

    Congrats to the winner before hand!!! Hopefully its me!!!

  8. I love how lingerie makes me feel so feminie. I dont wear is specifically for a man, but often for myself.I like the the soft fabric and beautiful colours and patterns ( especially leopard print). When I get dressed up for a night out, I always make sure to put on my best under garmets to make me feel even more sexy!

  9. I’ll keep it simple…
    Lingerie is perfect for setting the mood for adult playtime. I’m a working mom & wife & I don’t get to indulge in shopping very often. With that said, anything sexy I buy is most definitely purchased to help reignite some flames! Love ur blog lady!

  10. Such a wonderful post!
    Frankly, I love lingere from Playful Promises – especially WKD lingere – because they actually carry my size in stunningly beautiful pieces. I’m a 34DD, and I’ve had to put up with odd-looking things just because my size was hard to find. This lingere makes me feel proud of my figure and always inspires me to dress to my fullest pin up style. 🙂

  11. The thing i love about lingerie is the fact i can be demure,playful or damn right sexy and no one knows unless i show them!

  12. I’ll keep it simple.. I like lingerie as much as the next lady, but as a working mom and wife I have little time to go splurge on sweet surprises for myself. However, whenever I do purchase something sexy it is most definitely used to turn the heat up & reignite some flames! Love your blog lady, keep up the great work!!

  13. Lingerie makes every girl feel so feminie, it makes her feel sexy whatever her age or size, Lingerie is the best. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it looks.

  14. Being someone who has never had a great sense of self or been very confident, I find lingerie an essential tool when it comes to feeling sexy. There’s something mysterious about being able to walk around seemingly modest and chaste on the surface, but underneath, you’re an irresistible vixen putting on a show for no one but yourself. It gives you a bounce in your step, puts a twinkle in your eye, and makes you want to walk like an absolute lady instead of a slob. Wearing beautiful lingerie is something that give you benefits one-hundred-fold. A guy once told me that what made a woman sexy to him was her confidence. And with that in mind, any woman can be sexy, because anyone can acquire confidence. And wearing classic pieces like a silk brassiere that matches the garter belt holding up my stockings gives me that perfect boost of self-confidence that i need to know that I. Am. Sexy. 😉

  15. I love lingerie because no matter what I’m wearing; if it’s corporate business casual, or just jeans and a tshirt the right underwear underneath makes me feel like I am not only myself, but hot as hell in often not so hot situations.
    It’s also how I rebel against strict dress codes.

  16. Its simple…I feel pretty and more of a woman and not just a mom. Wearing pretty underwear underneath my clothing gives me an extra kick to feeling good 🙂

  17. Great giveaway! I subscribe to VV with Bloglovin…These lingerie sets are so pretty.

    Wearing lingerie is just one of the many little things that makes being a woman so amazing. I’ve always loved cute bras and panties, but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really fell in love with lingerie. I always used to save my lingerie to wear on special occasions, or for my man only. Then I dated a man for 3 years who really didn’t appreciate my lingerie, or me- I realized in time. I remember feeling SO disappointed one Valentine’s Day after I’d bought a special outfit just for the day-it was the first time I wore it, it was so sexy and it made me feel really good about myself- until I showed him and just didn’t care. It definitely hurt.

    After I ended the relationship, I realized that I shouldn’t wait for a man to wear my sexiest pieces. I could wear them just for me, and I could feel beautiful and sexy and empowered even when I was just chilling at home, reading a book, lying in bed, whatever. Now I wear my lingerie for me, and it makes me feel incredibly confident, and so good when I do. I work in retail; every day I hear women complaining about their bodies and it makes me so sad. My body isn’t perfect but I love my curves and I love how I look, and I’m thankful that I’m healthy- it’s taken me awhile to get to this point but I can truly say that I like my body. I wish all women could feel beautiful. I think every woman should embrace her body, should feel confident about herself-lingerie that fits you well, that shows off the parts of your body that you love, that makes you feel sexy and strong and seductive, helps you do that. Women should treat themselves well, they should take pride in their bodies-and I love how lingerie helps us do that.

    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  18. I love all the different styles of lingerie. Growing up, I just wore sports bras and panties in a box. Then a friend introduced to me to a lingerie boutique and now I absolutely love lingerie. I love how it does not hide my body and that it enhances it. I love that I can say, “I look good. I feel good in my own skin.” I love that lingerie makes me feel alive and invigorating to do anything and everything.

  19. Lingerie makes me feel like I can be anyone I want to be. I get such an incredible jolt of confidence from my lingerie that I go about my day completely differently. This little voice in my head says “If you could see what I’m wearing under this outfit… :)”

  20. I honestly love everything about lingerie. I love the variety and how it doubles as a fashion statement. Good lingerie is the perfect blend of form and functionality. Pieces are their own works of art and at the same time, flatter my figure or provide support. Lingerie makes me feel beautiful and confident, even when I’m only wearing it for myself. It’s like a secret I carry around with me under my clothes, and it makes me grin whenever I think about it. I love wearing it, I love designing it, and I love seeing it on other people. I think it’s wonderful!

  21. Ahh lingerie…one of my favorite little pleasures of life. Of course, I love that it can make me feel sexy and confident, regardless of who sees it. But more so, I love the detail and thought that goes into it. It makes me happy to see undergarments with such love and care put into them! Lacy little pieces with details that you might not take notice at first sight delight me, and I can never have enough.
    Playful Promises has such a gorgeous collection, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. Lingerie highlights my wife’s confidence in her body more than anything else. The confidence that she displays is sexier than any piece of clothing, but the two together is more than any man could ever ask for.

  23. Lingerie to me is so very versatile. It can change your mood it can be worn for someone else and more importantly for yourself. As a burlesque dancer I think its one of the most important pieces. Its that last layer between you and the audience and it displays and/or exaggerates your best (ass)ets ;). But it can also be very personal in two ways for yourself and for your lover. Its fun it comes is so many different styles and colors and shapes. The anticipation of putting on lingerie is almost as good and the anticipation of taking it off. It makes me feel sexy, liberated delicate seductive and so many other things I cannot list them all here and what I love about it is that ability to be so versatile ….there are a million ways to be sexy.

  24. It’s an amazing feeling.
    One of secret, mystery and sensuality…
    It makes me confident of my body
    The way it hugs your body in just the right places
    Super feminine

  25. Lingerie is a girl’s best friend. Lingerie allows a female to feel comfortable and sexy and no body but her and/or significant other. It emphasizes our curves and brings out a great ounce of confidence. I love lingerie because it accentuates my curves and its like a little hidden treasure. I love lingerie with lace, floral print, and high waist undies. <33

  26. I love lingerie because no one else knows (unless you want them to know!) what you are wearing underneath your regular clothing. It makes me feel confident!

  27. as a mommy of a very active 3 year old I’m subjected to vomit explosions, runny noses and cheesy grease fingers (needless to say i never wear white) as a wife im constantly covered in flour from cooking or elbow deep in dish water or laundry. Feeling sexy doesn’t always come easy, and to be honest finding time to even shower is like a delicate game of chess, but when i do have time to pamper myself i make sure to do it in style even if its just a simple homemade manny and peddy. For me and most of the mommy community sexy and comfortable lingerie is one of the greatest luxuries of them all. It helps us to remember that even though we are covered in snot, grease and haven’t dont our hair in ages we are still women and that makes us sexy and desirable by nature. Slipping on something satin and silky against the skin just makes a gal feel better a lil mysterious even. I for one know that when i don my “Good Pair” of knickers i feel like a million bucks even if no one else ever gets to see them under my ratty old jeans and David bowie concert tee. Lingerie is my reminder that even though I may not still have all the perky parts i uses to in my teens (thanks breast feeding) I’m still a woman, mature, sexy, powerful and full of life!

  28. Lingerie is the basis of fashion. Honestly, how could we get dressed without having some lingerie on? It can be from anything basic to a plain boy short or to a pretty frilly thong and then the bra! Where would we be as ladies without bras? They help support us, enhance us, and comfort us. lingerie is part of a being a woman, no matter what kind of woman you are. I know that i’m addicted to it.

  29. I have to say that despite my decidedly tomboy-ish wardrobe, I’ve always had a thing for sexy lingerie. I’m in love with classy, timeless and vintage styles – something about them throws my mind into romance novel mode. Knowing that under my jeans and t-shirt there’s sleek, sensuous, sexy lingerie… puts a naughty grin on my face. Just can’t help it. 🙂

  30. Lingerie does what red lipstick does for me…. It gives me a “Pick me Up” kind of feel! I especially wear a black lace bra & boy shorts when I’m wearing something basic, t-shirt & jeans. Although I look comfortable in the outside, no one knows how sexy & daring I look inside. It always helps me feel amazing, even if it was a “blah” day or not.

  31. As a female breakdancer (BGIRL) lingerie is makes the difference between me dancing like a confident sexy yet aggressive woman or justlooking like the rest of the dancers. I always pride myself in dancing feminine in a male dominated dance where the pressure is to dance like one of the guys.. when i rock lingerie under my sweats, tshirts or let it peek through a tank top- i feel like its my girly side breaking out and then when I start to dance I feel like moving like a woman because my lingerie makes my body feel sensual and dance is just your body translating how you feel. Not just that but I love that moent when ur wearing your lingerie- right before you put on whatever outfit it is your going to wear and you see yourself in the mirror- it give me just the perfect little boost of confident before going out into the world 🙂

  32. I think lingerie just makes any woman feel sexy but classy. You have complete control and you feel confident and ready to handle anything. When ever I wear lingerie, I feel like such a lady haha and maybe a little naughty too 🙂

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