Help me with my tresses!

Thank you for your input! Decisions Decisions!


10 Comments on “Help me with my tresses!

  1. Shoulder length hair can often leave one feeling very “Blah”. I would go for the long layers because you can always use curlers to achieve the look that dita has in that photo!

  2. Please. Please. PLEASE. Keep your long tresses!! Are you looking for a new look? Less maintenance? You’ve achieved Dita’s look with the help of half wigs. If you ever wanted Kim’s look, well, you’d be outta luck! I like BOTH looks, but I just feel like longer layers are just YOU. Of course I’ll still be your #1 one fan whether you shave it off or wear it long. I hope you make the best decision for your routine, lifestle, and YOU!

  3. I think you should do the long layers but also take some length off. Like just below your boobs. It will highlight the beauty of your hair! The Dita would be cute too but dont want to shock a girl! You can always cut it next month 🙂

  4. Cut it! That cut would look BEAUTIFUL on you! And what’s more exciting than a dramatic change? 🙂

  5. Because your hair is so pretty I think long layers would be the way to go..You enjoy more body and movement of your hair and flaunt its thickness.If you want to style it like the shorter pic you could always curl your hair and use small clips or hair pins to tuck it and wear as a shorter bobbed style but without a dramatic cut…Just my opinion..Either one in the end will still look great..

  6. I love long layers, very versatile. One thing to consider though — you have very thick heavy hair. If you cut and layer it, it might get quite “big” as it no longer has the weight that makes it nice and smooth! I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous whatever you decide, and do try to donate what’s cut off.

  7. I think your hair’s already like Kim K. And I also think you’d have no problem working with short hair. Change it up!!!

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