Flowers and Fishnets.

It is no question that I am a shopaholic and that my closet is full of amazing whimsical things but every now and then I come across something so fascinating I almost have to pinch myself. It is also no question that half of my wardrobe is Betsey Johnson, so I was thrilled when I found this beautiful floral dress at that sample sale a week ago. This has got to be, hands down, one of my favorite dresses. I could get married in the damn thing. Just the way it flows, the comfort, the print, and the style. This one is for the books. What I love most about it is that I can wear it in many ways. I can wear it as an evening piece with shoes and a shawl or casually with a leather jacket and combat boots. Today I did just that. I wore the dress with fish nets, my Steve Madden black strappy boots, a black triple wrapped belt I snagged at Billy’s, my Thomas Wylde leather bag, and my Zara leather jacket. Check out more photos and details inside!

I love that this Betsey Johnson dress has a shredded skirt that opens to a sexy slit. A little leg appeal doesn’t hurt right? Every girl needs a dress that makes her look and feel great.I love this belt because I can wrap it 80 times. Bondage chic? Oh and my ring is BCBG, it is one of my favorites.-Thank you Alex!This is also one of my favorite items. It is my Thomas Wylde leather purse/satchel…whatever you wanna call it. I have worn it to shreds since getting it many Xmas’s ago.My new favorite Steve Madden Boots. Yeah I know, I wore all of my favorite things! I actually have these boots in 2 color ways because I love them so much.They kinda remind me of Edward Scissor hands. My husband. 😉 ❤For makeup I did what I always do. My smokey cat eye, only I used all the colors of my dress like that light green, slate, gray, and black. I added a little bit of blush and nude gloss and I was done.
Now all I need is a haircut and I am complete 🙂

Photos by: Timothy Dark


7 Comments on “Flowers and Fishnets.

  1. Why my dear, lovely niece it’s my pleasure to contribute a little something to your fantabulous wardrobe & styling ; )….nice to see how some pieces are making transition into vintage…..just continue to wear it to shreds…….. xoxoxo

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