Pinup of the Pilot.

My friend Michele Savoia of “House of Savoia” invited me to his shop to be a part of a pilot for a TV show he is doing with Smutty of the band “Stray Cats”. I figured, why not, so I decided to spend the beginning of my day at Billy’s and then run off to Michele’s shop since the shoot wasn’t until later that evening. I bumped into my girl Valissa who is a big time stylist and DJ here in NYC and we got to hang for a little bit. I swear the girl is drop dead gorgeous and talented beyond belief, she is definitely one of my favorite alpha females of NY. After linking up with her I was off to “House of Savoia” where I got to meet lots of great people who follow the rockabilly lifestyle. See more details and photos inside!

First and foremost, lets talk about what I was wearing! I wore a vintage 2pc brocade coat and dress set I found in Vegas while browsing through the racks at Buffalo Exchange. I am thrilled I got to wear this outfit on the perfect day too. It wasnt too hot, wasn’t too cold, it was just right. My cuban heel stockings are by Agent Provocateur. My glasses are vintage too, they are from goodwill and my jewelry is from Billy’s Antiques.I love this suitcase, it is kinda tarnished because it is so old but I still love it and have worn it to death since I found it at a flea market a few weeks ago.My shoes are by Steve Madden 🙂My vintage belt is about 10 years old now, I found it at the Salvation Army when I was in High School. My vintage sweater clip is from Billy’s Antiques 🙂My girl Valissa and I! I am so happy I got to spend a little bit of time with her before I was off to the shoot. Now lets talk about her outfit!Valissa wore a cool abstract pinstriped jacket with a draped jersey top and shiny black leggings. This girl has a body and a half and just look at that hair! ❤Oh and can we talk about her hot studded bag and Miu Miu kicks please?
Yesssssss!Party at “House of Savoia“!This is Matthew Piazzi, vocal artist and singer of the “Debonairs“. He sings doo wop and 50s pop songs and let me tell you, he was amazing.Michele and Smutty airrrr guitarrr!Michele is the best tailor/designer in NY for menswear. He has dressed entire broadway plays, the Sopranos, and big time music artists from all over the world. Smutty is a world-renowned stand up bass player of Stray Cats, 13 cats, and Rockats.This is cool, calm, and collected Vincenzo. You work that hair! lolBettina, Michele, and Elisa!
Bettina is an amazing burlesque dancer and pinup coach and Elisa is the beautiful belle of singer Matthew Piazzi.Smutty and I 😀I took a few shots of Elisa fixing her hat in the mirror, made me feel like I was really back in the 50s.Beauty!Pinup dolls!tough guys lol
Belles of the ball!Michele’s pants are made of vintage tweed. Man’s a genius. He makes his own clothes and dresses everyone else while he’s at it!Good times! Now lets hope the pilot gets snagged by Bravo!


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