September’s fresh off the press!

September was a crazy yet exciting month for me and even though it is now October, I thought I would give you all a recap of the press I have gotten over the last few weeks. Many may sound familiar but some I haven’t even gotten around to mention.

Pin-striping & Kustom Graphics magazineI just got notice 2 days ago that I was featured in Pin-striping & Kustom Graphics magazine in the UK. I was thrilled to hear the news and extremely thankful for the kind words of writer Paul Waring whom I actually met a few years ago on the Bettie Page Cruise.

Click image for larger view.

Paul Waring writes:

On now to Vinny who has a very full and informative web-site, a big presence on Facebook, is a most active blogger, and who can also be viewed in lots of videos on You-Tube. We really don’t need to add too much extra text here because of everything you can find on the web. Firstly I have to say that of all the pin-up models I know, Vinny is the most chameleon-like, in that she frequently changes her appearance totally from shoot to shoot, so that she seems to be a whole range of different people. She achieves this so fully with extremely clever use of make-up, hair-styles, wigs, clothing and accessories. And her attention to detail in outfits, poses, backgrounds and post-production is breath-taking. My question to Vinny for the purpose of this interview had to be does she go to work in such radical and radically different personas from day to day? And if so, does she get lots of comments! You will find on Vinny’s Facebook lots of very positive feedback from women praising her for her spirit in doing her own thing and in being a creator rather than following fashion trends and conforming.

Thank you Paul Waring!

V.V makes the CUT as one of The Seventeen Most Stylish People at Fashion Week in NY Magazine!

Craig Arend is a well-known street style photographer whose photos are recognized all over the world. Just ask Vogue, his work was featured in their Italian, Portugal, China, Mexico, and Paris issues. This isn’t the first time Craig shot me on the street, I would always bump into him in soho when I worked for Betsey Johnson. Many of my photos landed in magazines like Gotham Digest and Glamour France thanks to him so it was great to reconnect after all these years to take an updated photo that ended up in New York Magazine! Thank you Craig and New York Magazine for featuring my photo as one of the 17 most stylish people at fashion week!

Here is what they had to say:

While today marked the official start of New York Fashion Week, street-style photographer Craig Arend was out and about yesterday to catch plenty of early show-goers decked out in their finest wares (despite the pesky rain). These editors, bloggers, and stylists set the sartorial bar pretty high considering it was technically just a warm-up, but we’re sure to see more amazing looks from the days to come.

Photo by: Craig Arend

Congrats to the rest of the bloggers who made the Cut blog as well!

The Leica Camera BLOGStreet Style photographer and mastermind behind shot my photo while I was leaving the IFB conference. I have known William for a few years now and it is always a pleasure to have my picture taken by someone who is such a visionary of fashion and art. It is no surprise so many companies take a liking to his work and vision, Leica loves the Yan-man and featured the photos he took during fashion week on the Leica Blog. My picture being one of them ;).Photo by: William Yan

Check out more of William’s work by visiting his website!

Chicago Street StyleI also got my picture taken by Amy Creyer that same day at the IFB Conference. Amy is another talented street style photographer that resides in Chicago and has her own blog called “Chicago Street Style“. I am thankful to have made so many of these blogs and that these photographers chose to take my picture. Amy was incredibly sweet and took such a great photo.Photo by: Amy Creyer

V.V gets a shoutout on The Daily Beast!

I was informed that I was mentioned in The Daily Beast blog shortly after the IFB Conference and was so happy to see that they included me in their “Fashion week Blogger Bash” post. The story is about how people have turned blogging into a successful career: Here is an excerpt from the story:

Many of these popular bloggers have successfully parlayed their sites into lucrative projects—among them endorsement deals, modeling and styling gigs, and “affiliate programs,” whereby they make a commission off sales that are driven through their sites. “It’s possible to make a decent living on a blog,” said Jennine Jacob, the conference’s organizer and the founder of IFB. “If you sell four Equipment shirts a day, you would probably make $80 a day. And that’s $40,000 a year.”

As an industry, we’re still figuring what our model is. I don’t know if it’s ‘selling out’—we’re just trying to reach a sustainable business model.”

Successful examples in the crowd included Jasmin Rodriguez of the blog Vintage Vandalizm, a style blog dedicated to 1940, ’50s, and ’60s pinup culture, which has driven her business as a stylist, model, and hair and makeup artist.

Special thanks to Isabel Wilkenson for making me a part of this great article!

SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE’S Fashion Blogger Challenge!Many of you have already seen my previous post about making it into Seventeen Magazine’s blog. However, if you haven’t..Seventeen Magazine asked me to partake in a $17 blogger challenge and I had to dress myself in an outfit under $17. Of course, being the frugal fashionista that I am; this was a piece of cake and I made the article! Check out my previous post about my feature in Seventeen by clicking here!

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more press recaps!


4 Comments on “September’s fresh off the press!

  1. Great job! Looks like great things are coming your way. I am proud of you.

  2. You are so beautiful and your style is crazy! You inspire me to think outside the box as well as start my own fashion blog!!!

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