I answer all of your questions!

I asked my readers to send me questions they want to ask me and I would answer them through video. I am not really big on doing videos because I get nervous but I wanted to explore these realms and attach my words to the actual person. I am going to try to make this a monthly thing where I ask for feedback from my readers and I give them my personal take via youtube. Here are two videos I made yesterday:

Part One.

Part Two.

I also want to dabble into the tutorial aspect of video blogging because many of my readers have been waiting a while for me to do something on makeup and hair. I promise, once I get used to this “vlogging” thing I will make it happen.


14 Comments on “I answer all of your questions!

  1. Awesome answers Jasmin you do great in front of the camera! I can definitely relate to a lot of what you said about people thinking blogging is a weird career and that anything is possible mentality. These Q&As are an awesome insight to the chica behind the awesome style! (:

  2. Naturally lovely bangs I see, thanks for answering my question… can’t wait for your hair tutorial! ❤

  3. Another Great Post Jazzy!
    Loved all of your responses! And thank you for answering my question. XD
    I cant wait to see more of your videos.

  4. You’re so real and I love the points you made about ignoring the world when negativity tries to shake you up and not a lot of ladies in our generation can say that because we’ve been taught to care what people think and I really respect that you follow your own beat 🙂

  5. I loved this~! you are one of the women who inspires me to follow my dreams. 😀 thank u! and please do a cat eye tutorial! 😛

  6. what kind of eyeliner do you use? i agree please do a cat eye tutorial or how you do your eyeliner<3 and hair 🙂

  7. heres a freak’n question…Jasmin, why are you so damn adorable?!!! lol every time you say your shy im like PA-SHAW!!!(i use pa-shaw alot lol because i’ve got southern roots and it just seems apporiate) but your the opposite of shy your a rockstar 🙂 own it woman own it!! btw i like what you said about following your passion, very well said sister! also your response to negativity that comes your way. Always a pleasure when i stop by VV.COM!

  8. You did a great job, don’t worry about doing more! You already have the advantage of being beautiful inside and out (and it shows darling!) but the more you do videos the more comfortable you’ll get. As with anything with time and practice you’ll be a pro!

  9. awesome video love it really cool!
    but ya forgot to fix the bed sheet’s in the back of you!!! lololololol
    just botherin ya girl!

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