Vinny at Billy’s!

Ok, so the other day it was a bit nippy out so I rummaged through my fall clothes and grabbed this really cute plaid babydoll dress I recently bought at Buffalo Exchange. I think the dress is made out of wool so I was really warm. The dress was the inspiration behind everything else I wore that day like my Zara leather jacket, Agent Provocateur knitted socks, Madden combat boots, and my vintage teddy purse I bought at Billy’s Antiques. My hat is actually my sister’s hat, I totally stole it from her but if you don’t tell I won’t ;). I also wore my vintage specs and my BCBG skull ring. This outfit kinda reminded me of my childhood when I used to wear my MC leather jacket and combat boots with all of my dresses. As you can see not much has changed lol. Check out more photos with details inside!

Ok for any of you who work in Soho, please go to Billy’s Bakery across the street from Billy’s Antiques to get yourself a hot chocolate. They are soooo yummy!Ok back to my outfit-I like how I am so short I can’t wear my thigh high socks all the way up. I have to fold them lol.How neat is my purse? I think I accessorized this outfit pretty well lol. I love when I can add humor or weirdness to my outfits.
What I love about this dress is that it keeps the shape. I do not need a petticoat to lift the skirt. The fabric is thick and warm for nippy days like this.

Photos by: Timothy Dark


4 Comments on “Vinny at Billy’s!

  1. Aw, that is the cutest/coolest outfit. It’s very ’90s, but in a good way, trust me. It reminds me a lot of my younger sister’s look back then. Bring back the good ’90s fashion!

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