Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion show!

Last week I got an invite to see the Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 show and couldn’t wait to see what BJ had in store for all of us who adore her clothes! Betsey Johnson’s show was being held at the beautiful Lincoln center in NYC and women from all over the world (including me) attended the show in pure Betsey fashion. I was happy to find out that my good friend Suzanne and her cute little “punk glam princess” were attending the show as well so we met up out front and enjoyed the show together. The show was exactly how I imagined it to be and what everyone expected it to be. It was brilliant, fun, authentic, outrageous, rock and roll, and scantilly clad..the exact essence of Betsey Johnson throughout her years of designing. Some big timers attended the show like rapper Nikki Minaj, Lynn Yaeger of the Village Voice, fashion photographer Nigel Barker, and more. Betsey has captured the hearts of fashionistas all over the world and continues her legacy as one of our favorite designers of all time. I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend her shows and have a bond with her and her company. Betsey Johnson has been wonderful and a huge contribution to my style and my life and I don’t know anyone more inspirational. I can’t wait to get my hands on her Spring collection! Check out photos and more details of the show inside!

The beautiful Lincoln Center. I just wish this woman wasn’t in the pic lolololLove the Lincoln center fountain. So beautiful at dusk. I went dressed very elegantly, inspired by the Victorian era in black, red, and creme tones. I gave my hair a messy soft waved look and put it in a messy bun covered by flowers in the back. It was beautiful but dark, two of my favorite combinations in an outfit. My dress is Betsey Johnson, my shoes are Karen Millen, my gloves are by Olivia, my purse is by Les Posh, and my floral shawl is something I designed myself inspired by 666 photography.My necklace is something I found at a flea market in California and my earrings are by Tarina Tarantino.The madness before the show!
Photogs getting ready!A goodie bag waiting for me on my seat! So much great stuff too!I knew this collection was inspired by Lingerie, It was a no-brainer after getting the invite and seeing the bullet bra and knickers!My fabulous friend Suzanne and her beautiful punk glam princess!I love this little munchkin!Got a cool shot of Nikki Minaj while I was walking around. She was actually very sweet and you could tell she enjoyed the show.Other big names that attended the show. I love that hat!I spotted the oh-so-handsome Nigel Barker at the show too. Ugh he is even hotter in person.<3Lynn Yaeger of the Village Voice was there at the sporting her signature 1920’s avant-garde look.I also spotted Patricia Field at the show. Even though I see her almost every day, I was especially glad to see her at the show. She is so awesome and down to earth.Let the show begin!Betsey Johnson starts her show with her daughter Lulu as her first model to walk the runway! She looked GREAT!Go Lulu go Lulu go!These beautiful free-flowing negligee inspired pieces are sexy, sultry, and look so comfy for spring!I love the way BJ accessorizes her models. The cute vintage looking hats, knee socks, and booties are to die for!I love love love this dress!Some of her pieces had Betsey’s portraits!Nothing screams Betsey like rose patterns, she always has the best of them!Love this cute skull romper!There were still lots of 1950s inspired outfits that included bustiers and high-waisted shorts. I wanted them all!If you haven’t tried Betsey Johnson’s intimates you are totally missing out. Even her lingerie is fun, comfortable, and sexy.

This was one of my favorite pieces from her show, the floral design and slit that exposes your stems is extremely sexy for Spring.
Suzanne and I love these corset shorts!Stud it, spike it, make it glitter!I need these hats!Bravo!Betsey Johnson comes out at the end of every show just as vibrant as the last. Her energy and positive attitude has everyone adoring more than just her niche for design. She still did her cart wheels too!It was an amazing show. I wish I could have shot better photos but my SLR isn’t really good for shooting movement and those models were walking pretty fast.My favorite punk glam princess and her awesome momma striking a pose after the show.I love these girls!After the show we just walked around and then I just headed downtown for din din with my girls.Good times!

Visit Betsey Johnson’s shop by clicking here!


8 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion show!

  1. Looks like a great show with great people. Have to love Betsey Johnson. You looked beautiful.

    • LOVE!!!!!!! truly amazing outfit Vinny ; )…thanks for sharing such a great event with us xoxoxo

  2. Her collection looks awesome and LOVE the spiked out dresses . You also look RAVISHNG my dear!! Xo

  3. Hey gorgeous, we love you too! We had so much fun being there with you, it wouldn’t have been the same if se were on our own — good times and a happy memory for all of us! Not to mention the awesome clothes!

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