Evident Future Collection.

Last week Leo Velasquez, stylist of the stars and designer of Evident Future had his first presentation of his new collection in midtown. I have known Leo for a very long time and have seen him prosper throughout the years. His collection blew us all away, his line was so badass and futuristic that I was speechless drooling over his models who wore the outfits so well. Leo knows exactly how to dress men, school them even on the best styles and clothing that compliments who they are. He is a visionary who has brought his dreams to life with a collection that is authentic and fits the complete aesthetic of who he is. I attended his presentation with my friend Ingrid shortly after I was featured on the Anderson Cooper show. To my surprise my awesome and also stylish aunt attended the show too with her friend Bruce and I was so happy to have seem them. It was a long but awesome day being on a show, seeing a great collection, and attending a great after party at the Empire hotel. Check out the collection and more photos and details inside.

WAM! How amazing do these gentlemen look? Ugh. Drool.Leo’s collection was completely avant-garde. In my opinion, it is menswear at its best. It screams sophistication and rebellion, two things I incorporate into my own style. I loved his line so much, I even pictured myself in his clothing. I’d wear the hell out of it.Who doesn’t love a metallic trench with a power shoulder and no sleeves? Amazing.I love this leather jacket and leather shorts combo. Everything about it tucks on my heart-strings.This was my favorite look of his collection. I think it is the MC and the long leather and jersey tank that makes the pants look like they are harem cut. I just love everything about it.I love this look as well. The jeans are very futuristic with leather knee armor.I love this blazer, out mutual friend Sneaker Steve wore this blazer in white at the after party and it looked great on him too. This abstract jacket is pure genius and I love it with the fitted jeans and leather shirt.These jeans have the leather armor as well. I also love the color of the shirt, the necklace was a good touch with the cuffs.
Leo being photographed by Mari J.He looked great as well in his own designs. It was a great presentation and I am so proud of him. I wish him nothing but the best and further success throughout his career.So happy I got to see my Aunt and Bruce there! They loved the collection as well.My girl Ingrid and our new friend David who is a student at F.I.T.Isn’t she loveelllyyy?I was all decked out in Betsey Johnson of course. I had to do my pinup look for the Anderson Cooper show earlier that day.Sexy mama!We ran into our good friend William Yan there and took some funny pics too lololol. We love him.My girl!Tres Chic!Fashion!I also ran into my friend Gabriel whom I haven’t seen in forever! He’s my favorite caveman!Ini talking to Jay.All of the lights!Jay, Ini, and Miggz!lolThis was us at the after party. We did a quick change at my place and headed back to the city.We didn’t take many pics but this one was all we needed. We had such a good time.….and then there was the statue. lolol.Good times!


3 Comments on “Evident Future Collection.

  1. great read great designs im in love with ingrids dress 🙂 and your amazing as always jazzy jazz

    • Great seeing you there as well my dear niece ; )…..love how you always translate your experiences / stories in your blogs…you create the perfect vision…having to experience Leo’s work & this Evident Future event, you depicted so well !!! I couldn’t have described it any better ; ) xoxoxo

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