The whimsical witch of 76 East!

Last weekend I went to work and it was awesome to just relax from the NYFW madness. Believe it or not, I actually like going to work. I really love my job. I am able to be myself, dress the way I want, and be surrounded by tons of vintage and antiques I love love love. I also work with an amazing group of people who have become my best friends. Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff lololol. I went to work the other day in a vintage Betsey Johnson dress I found at the Salvation Army on 60th and Roosevelt in Queens. I have had this dress for about 5 years now and I still love it. The top is jersey and the skirt is chiffon (I think) and to hide my itty bits I wore jersey high-waisted shorts underneath. I felt very witchy in it so I complimented the dress with this really cool mink skull Victorian necklace I purchased at a Long Beach flea market in California. I also wore a Victorian purse but I didn’t take any pics of it like a dufis lol. My lace shoe-boots are also Betsey Johnson and quite current, I think I bought them like a year ago. My belt is from Billy’s Antiques along with my silver cuff and my earrings are Tarina Tarantino. Check out more photos and details inside!

 I love this belt because I can do so much with it. You can’t really tell but I can actually make turn this belt into a harness.I have these in every color. No lie. They are my favorite.I don’t wear this necklace enough so I wore the hell out of it this week!The stone fell off but I still love this cuff and I wear it all the time.I love that the skirt part of this dress is this sheer, it’s kinda like a peep show all in one.My cute lace booties! I remember wanting these so bad when I was helping my friend find a birthday outfit. Now I got them!My hair was a little on the cray cray side but I didn’t care. It was something different and I kinda dig it!


9 Comments on “The whimsical witch of 76 East!

  1. I absolutely love this look on you! Love the belt and your hair does not look cray cray!

  2. I LOVE the shoes, and the skirt, the cuff….Ugh the whole outfit! girl i love your style!

  3. i love this jazzy jazz you look amazing i didnt know that they had a salvation army at 60th roosevelt to u would take the 7 n walk down or no???

  4. You look stunning! I love the skirt on you! How did you tuck your bangs away? I absolutely love your hair =)

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