Fashions Night Out 2011!

Fashions night out was last thursday and I have to say it was one of the most craziest nights ever in NYC. The streets were flooded with fashionistas from every borough hoping from one store to another, enjoying the music, boos, and finger foods. Many stores even had special appearances and many people had a set plan on where they were going to see them. Ingrid, Sarah, and I decided to wing it with no plan at all. To be honest, I got dressed up but really wasn’t feeling it as much as last year. However, I ended up have a great time anyway and got to meet many of my readers. It was also Ingrid’s birthday so we did a little shopping, had a little champagne, and headed down to the meat-packing district to enjoy a nice dinner at Sea. Check out the photos inside!

First stop! Steeeeve Madden. I tried on these really cute leopard spectators but they just didn’t work. lolyeahhhh… was kinda bummed but kinda happy I didn’t leave with shoes. I mean, I have way too many anyway. Oh!- about my outfit! I wore this Versace dress I found at Salvation Army, a fur stole I found at a flea market, vintage gloves, vintage jewelry from Billy’s Antiques, and my Tecasan leopard pumps. My clutch and belt are also vintage and they are so old I forgot where I got them lol.Ingrid wore her birthday suit and looked amazzzzing in her teal jumpsuit, leopard top, and black wedges she bought at that Steve Madden just minutes after we got there. Her earrings are vintage Chanel. Calllieeennnteee.Too cute!Sarah came straight from work to hang out with her girls. I haven’t seen her in a lonnng time so it was awesome to spend some time with her. She purchased 2 pairs of boots at that Steve Madden that were hot!
Second Stop! ZARA!Fuzzy coat!I don’t like Champagna so I just stand there looking weird. lolol. And yes I know it is spelled “Champagne” but I say champagna.Third Stop! BEBE! Photo booootthhhhh!Men in suits ❤ gahhh.Look at me cheesing. pshh. lolRan into our boy DJ Neil Armstrong at Journelle! Always a pleasure!God sent me pretty friends.
Especially this one! I ran into my girl Crystal at Journelle too and I was soooo happy! I love her!Fourth Stop! BETSEY JOHNSON! DJ Calcutta was spinning in a lovely teal cocktail dress!I ran into my girl Natalie there! I adore this girl, she is so unique and her personality is beautiful!Ingrid enjoying her Betsey Johnson yogurt lolEver seen teeth this white? didn’t think so. Girl’s got a colgate smile.Want!lol doesn’t Ingrid look like an evil kitten here? like really adorable but will cut you?Wepa! This dress is pretty magnificent.Hair wasn’t a pain in the ass this time. Kinda refreshing.Pinup princess Natalie!
Other pretty pinups! My favorite Betsey girls!Fifth stop! Adidas!Want to know why it was empty? They ran out of booz lol.
Ingrid’s friend Katerina was modeling!lol too cute!Inimac in flats! preposterous!My poor little tootsies needed a rest lol.
Can we talk about my minx nails? They were still in tact from the IFB conference!Sarah and her new boots!Off to Sea but I had to take a pic next to my wedding dress via Alexander McQueen. 😉At Sea we enjoyed a nice dinner and sang Ingrid Happy Birthday.Good times!!


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