The IFB Conference at Milk Studios!

Last Wednesday was my first Independent Fashion Bloggers conference at Milk Studios. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be in a room full of people who have the same aspirations as me. A while back, I remember telling people I wanted to get into blogging and having them look at me like I was crazy or respond very carelessly. Now, blogging is a worldwide phenomenon and some, like myself, have made it a career. For my first conference I felt very fortunate that my image was not only on the big screen but right on the program along with my girl Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage and Jenni from ISPYDIY. I was also the brand ambassador for Aldo shoes as well along with Christina Z of LEKITTYCITY. People kept telling me “This is your first conference and you got to be on the flyer?”. As someone who has been blogging for over 8 years, I feel like all of my hard work and determination has finally lead me where I need to be and I am so happy I met Jennine and Nubia of IFB. For the short time that I have known them, they have been so good to me and I am so thankful.

The conference was extremely informative and enlightening for me as there were many things that were said that I was doing right and some things I feel I can improve. Some of my favorite panelists at the IFB con included Vahni of Grit and Glamour, Sammy of SDV, Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition, Coco Rocha of Oh So Coco, Ari Goldberg of Style Caster, Mr.Mickey of PaperMag, Mary Choi of MTV style, and Joe Zee of Elle Magazine. I left this conference feeling very inspired because of them along with many of the great bloggers I met that day. It was great to be educated about blogging along with meeting and greeting other bloggers and having fun at the Aldo, Magnum & Minx, KMS, and Missoni for Target concessions. Girls were getting their hair done, nails done, playing games at the Aldo stand, and eating away at the Magnum ice cream bars. It was pure heaven for us bloggers. Jennine Jacobs did a wonderful job creating such a great conference for us bloggers and Nubia Mejia (and the rest of the IFB crew) did a great job holding it all together. Check out photos and more details inside.

Look! It’s Jenni, Sammy, and I on the big screen!I went to the conference dressed in mostly vintage. My dress is by Selfridges and I bought it at the Salvation Army in Queens years ago. My overlaying top is Rodarte for Target that just happened to match the dress perfectly. My shoes are vintage Stuart Weitzman for Martinique and my stole, clutch, hat, and jewelry is vintage as well. I have been wearing this fur stole a lot for these fashion week events because I feel the weather has been very bipolar, some days it’s hot and some days are a bit nippy.Here is a better photo of my shoes 😉This is the giant Missoni for Target doll that was tweeting throughout the conference. We were all secretly scared of her. lol. Nice outfit though!At the KMS concession, girls were getting their hair done for free! They were looking FIERCE after their 1-2-3 makeovers.I found myself constantly going back to the Aldo concession to admire the shoes of course. As the brand ambassador of Aldo for the conference, I felt it was my duty to make sure every shoe fit for future shopping purposes ;).Heaven. I need a shoe rack like this.Or this..Everyone meet my girl Mary of Shop Gla-mar-ous. This girl is so extremely talented. She has a shop where she sells clothing and accessories and would you believe she actually made the dress she is wearing? She WORKED that pink dress and it looked great on her.Jennine of the Coveted looked fierce as well in a long beautiful dress, separate colar, and waist belt. Her outfit was AMAZING and her shoe-game is no different.Major props to Jennine for creating the IFB conference. Woman is a genius and a fairy-blog-mother to many. ❤
The first panelists spoke about the tools of blogging and how social media is the perfect tool for promotion. They spoke about how twitter, tumblr, facebook, and youtube along with many Iphone apps have made an impact on their blogging career.
My girl Sammy and Vahni were panelists, they did a wonderful job.During one of the breaks I ran into Valerie and Jean of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. I have to say it…They are one of my FAVORITE fashionistas of this entire city. These women have so much style and such great personalities, how could I not love them? They are my ideal fashionistas because they are 100% authentic, you can just tell this is really who they are and what they stand for.After saying hi to Val and Jean I headed on over to the Magnum concession for icecream and to get my nails done at Minx Nails! What a dream!This fabulous woman made my nails look beautiful.Looky!So cool!The second panelist was really inspiring because many of them spoke about the business aspect of blogging. Ari Goldberg  of Stylecaster had a to-the-point raw perspective on everything that really opened my eyes and inspired me to be even more determined than I am now and Annie Tomlin of Bella Sugar addressed advertising situations that come about in blogging and that you should always promote something that fits the aesthetic of your blog and is useful to your readers. They all did a great job.The 3rd panelists had us all cracking up with laughter, Mr.Mickey was hilarious along with Mary Choi of MTV style. They all spoke about the beginning of their careers and how they evolved into the popular fashion bloggers they are today.On the next break I ran into William Yan and we went walking around the park with our mutual friend Christina.Ok I thought it was impossible to be cute and hot at the same time but Christina does it all too well. Girl is fierce! Check out her blog LEKITTYCITY.
William Yan took these street style shots of me while walking around the park.He is a genius.Check out William Yans blog!Nubia and Mary looking amazing!They are such cute friends, I absolutely love their chemistry.Founders of Milk Studios.They showed us a really cool video about what goes on at Milk Studios via Fashion week.Tina Craig of Bagsnob and Joe Zee the creative director of Elle Magazine. They were the last panelists and spoke about how blogging has become a huge part of the editorial industry.

This was a great experience and I want to thank Jennine, Nubia, Nando, and the rest of the IFB team for creating and being a part of such an amazing conference. I also want to thank the panelists for giving all of us bloggers some food for thought. I suggest many of you up and coming bloggers or blogazons who have already started to continue or attend the next IFB con. I know I will!


11 Comments on “The IFB Conference at Milk Studios!

  1. Glad you had a great time and met great people at the convention. You looked beautiful.

  2. I hope I get to attend IFB conference next year. It sounds like it was a fabulous time (by all the tweets I’ve read!!).

    It’s so cool to hear you discuss the things you like and enjoyed about the conference. You’re so humble. I’ve dubbed you and Sammy as my favorite NYC bloggers, and it’s so awesome to hear the both you give honor to other bloggers. You remind me that authentic bloggers are not one dimensional; they give, they connect with their readers, they stay true to themselves, and work hard at what they do. I hope you continue to reap the benefits of your hard work.


  3. Look at you! Keep up the great work, I know it is your passion and in your blood. LOVE seeing you on the cover. Hope to see you before year end. Hugs!!Joy

  4. Ýou are such an inspiration to many. And it goes to show and proven that if you stick with what you love and what you were meant to do, it will go so seemlessly beautiful. Congrats Jasmin, I couldn’t be happier for you and keep wishing you nothing but the best.

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