Shoe Addict: United Nude at!

Viva La Diva is a UK-based web shop that offers you some of the best designer shoes and accessories on the web. I visit this site often to find some of my best creatively stimulating designer shoes and am never disappointed. I actually paid VLD a visit today and came across my new shoe obsession; these cool United Nude abstract wedges! I am absolutely speechless, can you imagine all of the things you could wear with shoes like this? I can imagine myself wearing them with black harem pants and a power shouldered blazer or even wearing them with really cool classic black thigh high knitted stockings, leather shorts, and a cool abstract top. The black on black style above are my favorite because they look really distressed. In the winter I wear a lot of black despite always getting sick of it, it just really works with my style. VLD offers many other styles of United Nude and other designers but the UN styles are my absolute favorite. Check out some other styles VLD offers that I love below!

United Nude Abstract Leather Shoes

United Nude Stealth Ankle Boot

United Nude Elastic Tangle HI Sandal

Head on over to Viva La Diva and fulfill your shoe addiction!


2 Comments on “Shoe Addict: United Nude at!

  1. OMG! J’adore! How fabulous these shoes all are! Can’t wait to see how you style these babies!

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