Twas the night before the fashion MADNESS!

Twas an eventful day today despite the rain. I had A LOT on my to-do list and I of course did it all in a timely “fashion”. I was drenched in vintage leopard and to compliment my new cape and hat ensemble I wore my Via Spiga patent boots, vintage leather shorts, top shop crop top ;), Agent provocateur gloves, and Patricia Field satchel. It was the perfect outfit for a day like this.

After running errands this morning in regards to my shop I was off to the city to pick up my invitation to the Betsey Johnson fashion show next week. I cannot tell you how excited I am that I will be attending this time as part of press. I haven’t been to a Betsey Johnson fashion show in a while, this is a great opportunity to recharge my batteries and become inspired by her creativity all over again. After that I had lunch with mom dukes at a cute coffee shop followed by a little tiny shopping spree at Macy’s. Well…it wasn’t really a shopping spree. I only purchased one pair of shoes but with all the shoes I already have; one is enough lol. After thattttt, I headed further uptown to the Mandarin Oriental hotel for a private IFB (independent fashion bloggers) pre-party at MOBar. The event was called “Twas the night before the IFB confernce” and all I can say is that it was the icing on the cake of my day. It was wonderful, the place was beautiful, the energy was bright, and I got to meet so many lovely people. Plus I got to see some of my favorite familiar faces like my girl Nubia of Nubia Nonsense and manager of IFB, Jennine of the coveted (head honcho of IFB), Jenni from ISPYDIY, and last but not least Sammy D of Sammy D Vintage. See photos and more details inside!

This is what I wore underneath my cape :). Sometimes I channel Versace without really realizing it lol.For my makeup I used shades of plum for my eye shadow and highlighted the corners of my eyes with a light gold. For my cheeks I went with a darker blush than my norm and I gave myself a nude lip.Gloves are Agent Provocateur and the bag is by Patricia Field.Boots are by Via Spiga.This is my invite! so CUTE!Can’t wait to see what Betsey Johnson has in store! Looks like a lingerie inspired collection?I have to admit. Even my umbrella was leopard. Eeek. Ah well.. I like it 😉At the cawwwFeee shop. My momma was the paparazzi. lolProbably on twitter like a junky.Macy’s shoe section! I left with those ya know.Mandarin Oriental!Wepa!This place was beautiful.It’s a full house!Apple Martini’s!Nando!!! I love him. He is part of the IFB team and is so sweet and down to earth.Me, Jenni, and the Nubz <333! How hot is Nubia with her teal locks? <33Iphone pic! The Nubz, Jennine, and I! I love these ladies!<33Sammy D and Fajr of Stylish thought! Two awesome ladies with wonderful personalities!Blogazons!
Cheeeese!Till tomorrow folks! I will be at the IFB conference! Can’t wait!


5 Comments on “Twas the night before the fashion MADNESS!

  1. You are ROCKIN this outfit!! Lovesit!!! And I’m extra hype you know my homie Sammy D!!!! She is Swaggtastic!! I hope to see you during MBFWNYC I’ll be heading up tomor from Philly! You inspire me!!! Thank U!

  2. You looked amazing! I love that you threw a WEPA in there LOL…keeping it real 🙂 I hope you do a post about the outfit you wore today…


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