Vintage Finds at Billy’s Antiques!

I had to had to had to show you guys some great stuff I have found at Billy’s Antiques within the past month. What’s great about Billy’s Antiques is that you can go there every day and find something different. This place is constantly flooded with treasure on a daily basis and it is exciting anticipating what you will find next. These are just a few things I snagged but trust me, there is much more I haven’t even taken photos of.

This vintage red cape is one of the treasures I snagged at Billy’s, I nearly died when I saw it. What I love about it is the faux-fur trim at the neck and sleeve holes. I love that it even has sleeve holes lol! The broche closing is pretty amazing too. I can’t wait to wear this come fall!
Can I tell you I nearly had a heart attack when I came across this “Last Unicorn” ring? I was a 5-year-old girl all over again and had flashbacks of when I went to the Metropolitan Museum with my aunt and had her purchase me “The Unicorn Tapestries” book. I still have the book to this day. I JUST HAD TO HAVE THIS RING. The detail, the memories, and the fact that it fit me perfectly felt so surreal. It was as if it was fate. I had my very own “Last Unicorn” all to myself just as I had dreamt and wished for as a child. ❤Here are some other really amazing pieces I snagged at Billy’s. I had to have the Milagros earrings because of my love of Dia De Los Muertos. I had to have the Nefertiti earrings because…well..that’s self explanatory. Annnndd I had to have this cool broche necklace. Whats fascinating about it is that both broches connect to the shoulders like epilets, there is just so many things you can do with this necklace. Last but not least, my beautiful ship clip-on earrings. Can I just say “WOW”. All of these pieces are vintage.Just look at the detail on these bad boys. They are AMAZING.
You guys already know I am going to wear the hellll out of these Nefertiti earrings.This is some other cool jewelry I found at Billy’s. The bangle is pretty neat and reminds me of the 1940s Mambo scene. It is actually signed by the artist too. The watch was just too cool and elegant to pass up. It was just love at first sight. The ring is my favorite because it has the Virgin Mary holding a baby. For such a small ring, the image is so beautiful and vibrant and looks a lot like my broche I bought there earlier this summer.Yup, I wasn’t done! This is some more jewelry I found at Billy’s a few weeks ago. Can you blame me?
Aside from Jewelry and nice threads I found this awesome tin set from the 1950s at Billy’s too. I love it for a million and one reasons.And I can’t forget these neat little 50s cook books I found there too. I couldn’t resist them and imagined myself in an apron cooking to old tunes while I followed these old recipes!

Come by Billy’s Antiques to see what treasures you will find! 😉

Billy’s Antiques is located at 76 East Houston btwn Elizabeth and Bowery.

For more information visit the blog or the website!

6 Comments on “Vintage Finds at Billy’s Antiques!

  1. You are SO on my list of top 5 people in my internet world to meet! Every time I have a chance to do some online reading, your posts bring a great big smile to my Middle Eastern loving, vintage obsessed, pin-up inspired, clothes whore face! I just received a pack of vintage earrings in the mail yesterday and no one to share my excitement with. When I woke up this morning I posted a few to one of my FB pages, so receiving this post in my inbox filled in that missing void of having no one to share my enthusiasm with (most of my friends don’t “Get it”, any of that second hand love…until they see it on!) You really are an amazing talent and I just wanted to take a minute out of this mad rush life most of us lead to tell you that. I so admire your creativity, appreciate of decades “long gone” and drive! Keep shining (I know you will)! xo

  2. appreciation* of decades long gone #MadRush <—seriously, lol. Enjoy you holiday weekend!

  3. and the “r” on my keyboard keeps getting stuck (all post disclaimer’s done for today). See you at Billy’s next time I can spend a day in NYC! xoxo

  4. Jasmin! When I visit New York you HAVE to take me shopping! eeee!! That cape is a dream and that RING! It’s SO wonderful when you find things that are extra meaningful like that!!

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