What I wore today: 08.29.11

Every time I get dressed in the morning I try to find one single item for inspiration and then I usually build around that item. On this day I just felt like wearing my Zara construction wedges so I decided to wear this Piko 1988 jumpsuit with it. It was very sporty chic, my back was exposed, and I wore this Rosa Cha bra underneath. I kept the accessories light and wore my favorite BCBG ring my aunt bought me for Christmas and my gun-metal bangle. My earrings were, of course, Tarina Tarantino. I wear these skull Tarantinos in different colors all the time, they go with everything and I just love them above everything else. I slicked my hair back because my bangs were getting on my nerves and gave myself a braid. I really am digging my hair slicked back as of late if you couldn’t tell. Check out more photos inside!

I purchased this jumpsuit a few years ago at this cool shop on Melrose in California. Been hooked on it ever since.I love how it exposes the skin. Muy calienteeee ❤ (I wasn’t prepared for this photo lol)At night it gets a little nippy since fall is around the corner so I wore my La Rok rabbit fur vest with my jumpsuit and it was a perfect match. I actually found this vest at Billy’s Antiques.The vest is cropped and I love it because I can wear it with my high-waisted jeans this Fall and Winter.This is my favorite ring, I misplaced it a while back and recently found it and WOW was it a relief. My bangle is pretty tough too.My Zara construction wedges are the most comfortable boots on the planet. Funny story about these is that I had searched for them for MONTHS until I came across one of my reader’s blogs and saw she was selling them in my size! I bought them off of her right away lol.XOXO!

11 Comments on “What I wore today: 08.29.11

  1. Love ittt! Love ur hair slicked back the bangs hide your beautiful face! Love the smoky eye- you usually just do the cat eye look- love it

  2. Hi Jasmin, Looking very “Vogue”… I need to get myself over to Houston street. 😉

  3. In love with the slick back hair. Reminds me of 7th grade and my chola homies I used to have. hahaha 🙂 Slick back hair wins!

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