“The Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills” car show in Brooklyn!

The Rumblers have an annual car show under the BQE every year and it is something my family and I always look forward to. This is my 3rd year attending the car show and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year. This year was extra special because I had my friends and family there. My dad brought his Chevy Nova 68′ to the show and It was nice to see him get recognition for his hard work. People from all over where taking shots of his car. Photographers are always all over the area taking pics of pinups at the show along with other candid shots of the beautiful classic cars. I always dress extravagantly because many of the photographers that attend the show work for big magazines. I was shocked when I ended up in hot rod magazine just two years ago. It was a lot of fun despite some douche-bag behavior I dealt with but I guess that is inevitable at a car show where there is tons of men..Some with no home training lol. It was also a shame that the cops shut the show down early, cops always ruin the fun. All in all we made the best of it and ended up having a lovely day. I still have tons of business cards to rummage through to find all of my pictures photographers took but here are some I have now.

Just before the show I headed to ENZ on 2nd ave and Astor place to find a dress for this event. Mariann, the store owner did a great job suggesting this bad girl to me. I didn’t want to wear black but DAMN this dress was a game changer. I believe the dress is by Stop Staring. ENZ is my go-to shop for great vintage reproduction pieces. My hat is vintage and so are my gloves, jewelry, and fur stole. My hosiery is from Agent Provocateur and my shoes are Steve Madden. Oh! and my purse is a vintage Black Russian suitcase ;). I love wearing suitcases as purses!This woman here is my momma and I absolutely love her.My girl Enchante came to the show and I could’nt be happier to finally attend this event with one of my girls!So happy we got to model together!If you see us not looking at the camera it is because we were trying to make sure every photog got there shot lol. My girl Enchante was the only girl at the show channelling the 1960s and she does it oh so well!I was 1940s chic!Oh and by the way, I am totally wearing a wig. 😉This is my father’s car!My momma is so cute!Ahh don’t you love the color on this bad boy?So cool!This is what I need in my life. The car and the trailer to put all of my clothes in when I travel cross country!
Enchante sassing it up for photogs!Wepa!My mom used to ride motorcycles, I think she still secretly wants to!WEEEPPPAAAA!My friend Wven and I. He always attends the car show, we took a pic like this just last year. (below)Hawt!such a beauty!WOWMy mom says I look best with the rusty cars lol. I think so too. They are usually my favorite.
Man magnet.
proof. lmaoThere were lots of great vendors there at the show. This one was my favorite. Picked up some cool cat eye glasses.There were even barbers there giving guys fresh cuts and pomps!The highlight of my day was bumping into two of my favorite burlesque queens Scarlet Sinclair and Gigi La Femme!I love them!Get em girl!This is my friend Sal’s car. He always invites me to shows to take pics with his car lol. Love him dearly.Enchante posing against one of my favoooritttee cars in the show.This black dress was killing me every time I went out into the sun lol.
but I worked it!Ran into pinup doll Betty Chantel and her gf! They are so sweet!ahhh I pose with this army jeep every year and I have fun every time!Can someone make me a bullet necklace like this one please? oh and a whip?This was when I got handed the cigar ;). Well done.Good girls don’t smoke! lolol He actually owns the jeep and is super cool.Its getting hot, crack a window..air it out 😉Enchante looking oh so posh<33Shoot with the Tiki Kings!My favorite shot.<33
dolls and hot rods!Last photo of the show!

Till next year!

Good times!


14 Comments on ““The Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills” car show in Brooklyn!

  1. Had a great time at the show, too bad they shut it down. All the pics of you and Enchante are lovely and most of those cars and bikes were beautiful. Some day I will own a Hot Rod of my own. Glad that your dad finally displayed his car. It was a great event. Looking forward to all the other car shows in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Great photossss! I had to work that day so I did a quick stroll through on my way and was hoping a more thorough look on my way back but was sad to see it shut down and all the cars were gone 😦
    Also, I JUST saw that dress at ENZ’s last weekend! Was kinda confused though cause it had an ENZ’s tag…..

  3. I went to the show and had a great time. Some really great vendors. Sucks that it was shut down early. Cops in riot gear was a bit of overkill. Had a great time though. Love your Dad’s car. Everyone was really cool there. Got some great tips for my Chevy.

  4. go head girl, i loved all the pictures, I love your style so much!!

  5. Looked like such fun-def going next yr for sure! And I will bring my little clan with me too lol Your fave shoot is mine too! Love it! You rocked it nena! Btw is it free? Also does everyone allow you to pose with their cars or you just ask while youre there? So cool cant wait-need to wk on my vintage wardrobe though lol xox

  6. I wrote a comment couple hours ago… Never posted! 😛 Im so glad I went and we posed together! I’m looking forward to doing it more often, love you you look amazing dahlin 😉 Rosemary thank you for the love! Can’t wait till next year!!! I already know what I’m doing 8D I’ll own one of those bad boys in my lifetime, now as far Derek goes his ass is going next year… And we will all take pics TOGETHER! Mama Frenchy was so kind and cute as always!!!!

  7. Hi Jasmin, Sorry I got there late, was looking forward to meeting you and taking a pic with you. The cops were busting chops this year. Serino is having his car show Sept 10, maybe I’ll see you there. Ciao.
    PS: Love you Father’s car, all stock and original. The customs look cool. but nothing better than stock when comes to cars.

  8. Jasmin you look outrageous in these photos- every shot is great! your outfit is so on point as usual. catching up on your posts – Irene shot my power down for 2 days. i love all these cars, my fav is the pink one 😉 and its great to see your mom in another post! shes a doll!!

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