The greatness of Mod Podge on a retro table!

I have been exploring my artistic side through other means like fashion and photography more so than anything within the past two years, but every now and then I like to go back to my roots and the days where I would draw comic heroes, paint pinups on canvas, or even create little things for the home. I am one of those people who can’t ignore and idea when it comes about and the other day while working at billy’s, I noticed a table on the curb side being thrown away. The table was from the 50s and looked like it was once a really cool table till someone decided to give it a bad paint job and give up half way through. I wish I would have taken a pic of it before I Frankenstein’d it but got too excited and worked on it right away. I saw it as an opportunity to explore my creative side so I took the table home, went to my local art store and asked them for Mod Podge and a sponge brush. Mod Podge is a waterbase sealer, glue, and finish that is perfect for laminating paper. My idea was to take a calendar I had two of, cut out the pinups and the quirky quotes, and laminate it to the table to create the ultimate pinup corner table for my home. It was no easy task because you have to know precisely how to layer all of your clippings so that you fill in the spaces. I thought about it carefully before I started glueing and added different textiles as the first layer, I cut them into perfect rectangles to eliminate any space I had before pasting the pinups as the second layer. I finished the table in 3 hours and it was a complete success. I absolutely love the table now and it just goes to show that someone trash is someone elses treasure.With Mod Podge you can laminate almost anything like purses, wallets, books, boxes, and other furniture pieces.Happy crafting!


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