Betsey Johnson knows what time it is!

Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer. I would have to say that 75% of my wardrobe is BJ along with %50 of my accessories. I can’t get enough of her stuff, I even use her shower gels and perfumes! There is nothing this woman can’t do or hasn’t already done. Fashionistas of all shapes, sizes, colors, and style can relate to BJ’s collections in one way or another. She makes it that easy. You can go to any one of her local shops and find everything you need to make a complete outfit. Today I am going to shed some light on her fabulous new watches and how you can style them in all different types of ways within your own style. BJ’s watches sell like candy because they are stylish and fun. I can say the same for Betsey, she is stylish, fun, and fabulous. The epitome of what every girl should be and could be. Check it out inside!I wore the crystal Pink Panther watch with a fuchsia Bebe satin coat and my matching Christian Louboutin mules, it is the perfect balance of pink with some orange and red tones for contrast! My jewelry and broche is from Billy’s Antiques.
Click the image above for a close-up of the watch.This watch is puuuuurrrfect because it is drenched in small crystals that form a leopard print! How could I not wear it with my new Mandee trench coat and jewelry I got at Billy’s?Check out the Ocelot, that is one cool cat!I think he likes my watch. What do you think?This watch is also leopard but made of metal and lucite. Lucite was used a lot in the 50’s and 60’s in accessories and even furniture so it is no surprise that I love love love this watch!I wore it with a Betsey Johnson striped jersey peplum dress, vintage belt, Yves Saint Laurent shoes, and vintage jewelry.
Love love love it!This watch kinda reminds me of Alice in Wonderland because of how the numbers swirl around the hands. I love it because it has a more simple look to it and I can wear it with my preppy looks. I wore this watch with a mens button down that I belted at the waist. I also wore these cool vintage earings and bangles from Billy’s.lolI love how the gold and enamel bangles compliment the watch or vice versa lol. Click the pic to see a bigger view of the watch.This watch is the same as the pink panther watch above only this one is black with white crystals. I love it just the same and I wear it to death because black matches everything. In this photo I wore the watch with my Mandee zebra trench, a silver bangle, and my bunny ring. My duffle is from Billy’s.Isn’t the watch beautiful?!

Check out more of Betsey’s line of accessories by visiting her shop!

Photos by: Timothy Dark


8 Comments on “Betsey Johnson knows what time it is!

  1. your style has grown so much, that striped peplum dress is to die for, and btw, what color are your nails?

    still fan/friend/follower

  2. All those watches look great with all your outfits. You definately know how to put things together. I would definately purchase one of those lovely watches. Love Betsey Johnson’s clothing and jewelry.

  3. I love my Betsey Johnson gold boyfriend watch. I always get compliments and I love the hearts that sway round and round as the clock ticks.

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