NEW at Meshalo!

For those of you who didn’t get to see my recent post on Meshalo Swimwear: Tamisha Glashen is the extremely talented designer behind Meshalo who makes custom swimwear and apparel. Her line “Meshalo” was launched in March 0f 2010 and in one year the company has sold in 42 states and 9 countries world-wide. I found Meshalo while looking for great swimwear on Etsy. I wanted to find affordable swimsuits that would fit my body type perfectly and am so glad I found her stuff because I absolutely love it. In this post I will show you some new pieces from Meshalo‘s new collection modeled and edited by Moi and shot by my darling friend Ingrid Campos of is the Vintage Barbie Girl swimsuit. You guys know I absolutely adore stripes jut as much as I love Barbie! This swimsuit is a win! $64.99My top was made by my friend Christian Civera. I love the color and wear it as a cover-up when I get a little cold on the beach.I love to mix neon colors with stripes hence the neon orange nails and my turquoise Christian Louboutins.Even though this swimsuit is a one-piece, it still has a lot of sex appeal. Especially when paired with a patent leather belt. Who says you can’t swim in fashion? This is the one-piece tuxedo swimsuit. I love that this one is a halter top accented with a cute white bow. It was only right that I wear it with pearls and a updo. $66.99I belt everything so of course I belted this suit. I also wore my Jessica Simpson shoes with it and my new 60’s cat eyes.
How Chanel of me.
My hair turned into a good mistake, not sure what I was doing but I like it.Ahhh my favorite. This is the Barbie girl swimsuit. Adorned with chain links, hearts, and stripes; this is my absolute favorite swimsuit of the summer! $87I mean how could you not love it? It even matches my new hot pink satin Christian Louboutin pumps!It also matches my new vintage earrings and retro bangle I bought for just $1!Girls with guns.Order your swimsuit today by visiting Meshalo on etsy!

All swimwear is made to order so get your custom swimsuit today!


10 Comments on “NEW at Meshalo!

  1. Jassie babie.. I’m n love with the retro barbie swimsuit! i love stripes too!!! and every time I read your blog about mixing stirpes with neons I’ve been buying neon stuff because now i know what to style it with! the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic is that you look like the Vintage barbie doll!!!!!!! Gorgeous and and fabulosa!!!!! xoxox

  2. Gorgeous! I love the stripey one. Aqua looks great on you. And what a beautiful series of photos with the blue sky in the background…

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