I’AM Jewelry!

[I’AM earrings, Piko jumpsuit, Vintage Belt]

My friend April Nicole has just released a really cool jewelry line called I’AM. After seeing her collection of custom-made pieces I nearly had a heart attack. Ever see jewelry vendors on street corners and think to yourself “I can make that for that price”? I’AM jewelry is done with such technique it is flawless by design and worth every penny. I swear. When I got my hands on a pair of earrings from April’s line, I was completely floored by how talented she is to create such amazing pieces and she is just getting started. What is even more impressive is that she can create such beautiful jewelry while juggling everything else in life including her wonderful baby girl. As a mother and a woman herself, April knows how to make us all feel beautiful and she does just that with her new line of jewelry, I’AM.

In the photos below you can see a close up of the I’AM earrings I scooped paired with a vintage belt I already had that matched PERFECTLY.

My I’AM earrings were custom-made, I had her surprise me and she knew exactly how to design them. When I am not dressed as a 50s pinup I like to Channel Cleopatra. These earrings work well with my egyptian style. They have a regal feel to them. There is a dark green stone in an ornate gold frame held by a gold chain. The feathers at the bottom are beautiful and have a rainbow glow to them.
April knows my style all too well, these earrings are perfect!

Check out the rest of her line by clicking here!


6 Comments on “I’AM Jewelry!

  1. OMG they are beautiful on you…you are such and awesome muse…thank you for being a perfect representation of what I’AM is all about XO

  2. Fabulous craftsman(woman?)ship, April! I like your bangs, J!! Your hair is reminding of Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics! You got that blue-black look down to a t!!

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