What I wore today: 7/31/11

My friend Enchante introduced me to this really cool lipstick called Mattese, it is a neon orange color that sort of matches a Mac one I just recently lost. After trying it on I realized I was spending way too much money on Mac products and missing out on this great shade called “swinger” that was 50% cheaper. Anyway, I have been wearing it to death and it was my inspiration for my outfit last sunday while out with my friend in the city. My favorite colors are teal and neon orange so I incorporated both colors into my makeup scheme. I wore a stripe top I bought at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago, black Bebe shorts, and paired everything with some African bracelets, a patent leather belt, a striped clutch, my Agent Provocateur “Shazaam” neon bra, and my new Nativa sandals. I like to do neons in moderation and felt this was the perfect balance. What I love about stripes is that you can pair it with any color(s), it is almost like camo or leopard. Oh, and I know you guys are not used to seeing my hair pulled back, as of late I have been a little tired of these bangs and it has been really hot out. See more photo’s inside.My earrings are tiny little skulls by Tarina Tarantino. They are practically the only earrings I ever really wear because I have them in a million colors.My purse is actually a makeup bag by Lancome but if you don’t tell I won’t!Purchased these African bracelets uptown 4 for $10. I love African culture and textiles.My Agent Provocateur neon bra was essential for this look. It peaks out just enough so that it matches the shoes.I love these shoes because I can wrap the strap anyway I like and hook it to the heel. They are very unusual but so unique and I love that about them.I think the band aid is a good touch dontcha think? lolLolol These photos were taken at Billy’s Antiques just before heading out to the Sunshine theater to catch a movie. Getting lost in the city+good company+a movie night=bliss and it was all in good fashion ;D.

Good times!


17 Comments on “What I wore today: 7/31/11

  1. I love it! You are the bomb! Those neon yellow green sandals are sick!!!!!!!! Omg!! And you look hot with your hair slicked back!! Now I love wearin neon colors and have a lot of trouble putting prints together… I just got these Satin hot pink guess sandals on sale for like $24- I coudnt help myself they are gorgeous but now I have no idea how to style them- the tiical all black and pink shoes is boring!!!! So what is the best way to work with neon color shoes? Mix Solids and stripes or nuetral prints??? How dod u make it so magical!?

  2. WOow AND Frankly what a sensuous “Trendy Zebra” you make Here Dear !!! The dress makes blow a wind of stylish mischievousness on urban territory, the shoes -notably through their sharp Heels- prettily shape the Allure, AND these strategic twists of bloody Glam achieve to make All the glossy Difference I must add . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Your hair looks really good pulled back like that. When my hair was almost as long as yours I wore it like that all the time and I kind of miss those days…

  4. Gorgeous! I was just wondering how you get your bangs to stay back all day?

    • Thank you doll! I use gel to keep them back, this gel is hardcore and I got it at the dollar store. I swear that wasn’t supposed to rhyme lol.

  5. So cute! I’ve been trying to find a good Beetlejuice striped skirt, shirt, or blazer. The search continues…

  6. love your hair slicked back. gives you a totally different look, yet gorgeous as usual 😉

  7. Goddamn. You’re bad. Why have I not run into your blog before?! You have crazy style and it always makes me so happy to find other women of color who are into vintage fashion.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

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