What I wore today: 07/29/11

Last friday I went to work in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress from Target. It was one of my favorite designer collections next to Rodarte and Erin Fetherston. I love this dress so much I actually have it in another print and I wear them both to death. If you have been following my blog for sometime now, you know I wore this dress and the same hat for a gay pride parade I attended last year to support my friend Christian. I hate it when fashion snobs say “I never wear the same outfit twice”, anyone who says that is full of themselves and should be shot really ditch their ego. Unless you have lots of money to shamelessly throw away, I suggest you make use of what you already have. I most certainly wear the same outfits twice, only I like to wear them a little or a lot differently each time. This time I wore the same dress and hat but with my hair slicked back in a braid and a leopard Anne Klein belt I bought at Buffalo Exchange that magically matches my new leopard pumps from Steve Madden. Oh and not to mention my vintage earrings I bought at Billy’s for just $2! Check out more photos inside.This is how I wore the Jean Paul Gaultier dress last year.
This time I was really inspired by my new belt and matching shoes. Mustard colored yellow is one of my favorite colors aside from teal and burnt orange. Am I making up colors?I think I did it better this time 🙂 Sleek and chic.These are one of my favorite vintage shades.I fell in love with this belt when I saw it at Buffalo Exchange and was so happy it actually fit my waist! They never do unless they are vintage, I guess I got lucky! Thanks Anne Klein!Found these bad boys at Steve Madden just a few weeks ago and they were on SALE!One of my favorite purses. I shall never let it go<3 lol. Emo fashion talk.


19 Comments on “What I wore today: 07/29/11

  1. Gorgeous! Those colours look fantastic on you – and the mention of teal, I reckon next time you wear this, accessorize with teal and it will look ace 🙂

    The dying sunlight pics are awesome too. Makes me wish it was summer already (I’m from chilly Melbourne!)

  2. Whole outfit is HOT! I love your attitude re: fashion especially. Can’t stand fashion snobs and honestly your styles tops 99.999999% of these lame chicks who buy the same outfits out of vogue every month and are dripping with money. Looking forward to see you completely reinvent how the world looks at fashion!

  3. Amen! I wear the same thing more than twice–because I can! It’s confirmed. I’ve gotta get those SM leopard heels. Another blogger showcased them, I fell in love, but held back. Now, seeing them again reminds me that I neeeedddsss to get them!

  4. love this version of the outfit, very sleek. i haven’t commented on your page in a while but i still read all your posts doll. love the new layout… gotta head on over to billys antiques soon. xx

  5. Yep! If you love something, you will want to wear it more than once, more than twice! You totally look like you just walked out of the ’70s which is a massive compliment coming from this ’70s-obsessed gal!

  6. AMAZING OUTFIT! Original, artistic, and definitely looking gorgeous!

  7. girl you look HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! I LOVE THIS LOOK!!! I’m going to have to feature it on my blog for next week! Thanks mama!!!

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  9. You piss me off, you’re so beautiful. You look absolutely flawless here. I am totally in love with your hat, it’s got a very chic Indiana Jones look to it. And your dress is the perfect girly balance to it. Also, those shoes are SEXY! And the bag… I’ve never seen any bag quite as delightful as that one.


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