Hugo Boss Circus party!

Last week a bunch of friends and I attended a Hugo Boss Circus themed party. Just the theme alone had me jumping for joy when my girl Janete invited me. I have been to many parties but this one most certainly takes the cake. I don’t think we ever sat down because we were dancing the entire night. Then again, how could we not dance? Mel DeBarge and Cassidy DJ’d the party. They are both great DJ’s that definitely know how to get wall flowers to dance. And oh-my-gawd there were hot models walking around with cotton candy, french fries, corn dogs, and popcorn. Hot guys+junk food
+good music=my kind of party. The venue was flooded with people enjoying the beautiful view, circus acts, great drinks, and good food. We got to see sword eaters, hoolahoop twirlers, contortionists, and the amazing Ceelo Green perform. It was certainly a circus to remember and definitely an epic night to remember. Check out photos of us at the event inside!The entrance to the party was awesome. There were people juggling on stilts and ring leaders too!Bartenders in red bow ties and suspenders!
Full house!I dressed the part in a sequin Betsey Johnson romper and a sequin beret, a striped clutch, black pumps, vintage gloves, and red glittered lips! (oh and I am wearing a wig 😉Leo, Janete, and her friend who was wearing this amazing orange dress!Check out Janete’s shoes! Amazing right? She is so hawt. Leo has impeccable style as well and designs most of his clothing.DJ Cassidy looking regal in a silk button down and his boater hat that I love love love.LololMarvin and his friend. I met Marvin at Oneal McKnights video shoot, he’s such a sweetie pie!Mel DeBarge spinnin!Oneal McKnight and Cassidy dancingSo happy I bumped into my friend Yaz at the event! She looked lovely as always! ❤lololI spy a little midget in a sequin beret..can you spot her?The lovely couple<3!Oneal looking sharp! This guy can DANCE and he is a dope recording artist too, check out his music by clicking here!The view. Breathtaking.This guy eats swords for dinner.Megan and Steph! They are besties and so fricken adorable. lol @ Cassidy going in for the cotton-candy-kill.My cotton candy died immediately.Sisters! So cute!❤ cotton candy love<3Oneal and MelMuy CaliennteeeeeeMegan had me cracking up the whole night, she is so funny and such a free spirit. Both of them.The beautiful Darling Cait and Jena looking posh <333 Jena has a really cute kids clothing line, check it out by clicking here!Ceelo is about to perform!Wepa!I wasn’t much of a Ceelo fan but after watching him perform I became one!So good!Cass on the 1’s and 2’s!Love this girl!So cute!Janete and her friend Rosanna. I love Rosanna’s outfit, she worked it!Cait and Jena beside the booth!Shoeicide!
Love Stephs outfit too!Woot Woot!Love her!Two pinups<3GOOD TIMES!


7 Comments on “Hugo Boss Circus party!

  1. Aww looks so fun! I wish they had things like this in DC!

  2. Lila- Jasmine usually wears Ruby Woo Matte lipstick from MAC doesnt it look fantastic on her?!

  3. Hi Jasmine! I must confess I’ve been stalking your blog for a few weeks now and you are really inspiring me to go against the grain and wear my fav styles from the decades that havent quite made it through the fashion rotation again yet.
    But I do have ONE huge question, your wigs (this wavy one and the short bob with bangs), what brand are they?! This is how I’ve had my hair cut for a year now and I’ve decided I only like it for the moment(s), so I’m growing it out but I’m DYING to have wigs to emulate the look for nights out.
    Care to share? Yours seem to hold up SO well!


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