Inimac get’s pinup’d!

Ingrid Campos is a familiar face to because she is one of my favorite people in the world. This girl is a complete bombshell underneath that cutesy charm. Photography has become one of my hobbies so every now-and-then I like to glam my friends up and take their photos. This photo shoot was intended for the 4th of July but I fell behind with all of my posts and… it is! Doesn’t she look amazing! Not only did I shoot these photos but I also styled her, did her hair, and her pinup makeup. I put Ingrid in a Bettie Page sailor dress, black pumps, and a sailor hat. I couldn’t do much with the hair because of the hat so I curled it in soft waves. Her makeup was simple, as pinup makeup always is. Just a strong cat eye, blush, and a red lip. Ingrid is the perfect pinup, she works the camera with her endless charm! Check out more photos inside! Hair/MUA/Wardrobe Styling/Photographer: Vintage Vandalizm

Check out her website Custom Fad!


6 Comments on “Inimac get’s pinup’d!

  1. Great job. It would be an honor and a privilege to be your guinea pig one day.

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