Behind the scenes of Oneal McKnight’s music video “Crazy”!

Last weekend, The oh-so-talentedOneal McKnight shot a video for his new hit song “Crazy” . Oneal grew up in South Carolina and moved to NYC becoming a successful wardrobe stylist to Diddy, Usher, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Robin Thicke, Russell Simmons, Snoop, and Ludacris. He wasnt just stylishly talented, he also had a passion for music and went on to become a recording artist who’s 1st single “Check Your Coat” ended up in Rolling Stone magazine as their Top 100 singles. His new song “Crazy” is no exception but extremely exceptional as I couldn’t stop moving to the beat in my seat. My girl Janet & Darling Cait invited me to come along as part of the supporting cast of the video and I was thrilled that I ended up getting my own cameo; one alone dancing to his song, and one advertising Ciroc. DJ Cassidy was there, he’s Oneal’s right-hand-man and did a cameo with Oneal alongside Jerry Brooks from “Curb your enthusiasm”. Those guys can DANCE. Jerry Brooks had me cracking up the entire time I was there. He was rolling around the entire studio in roller skates and a guitar..and he was GOOD at it. I had such a good time, I wish I could have stayed a little longer but I had to run to work. However, this was such an amazing experience and I am glad I got to share it with such amazing people. Check out the behind the scenes footage I shot at the studio.
Video Props!Oneal getting down!Dj Cassidy, Jerry Brooks, and Oneal dancing!
Me looking posh for my cameo in my “Stop Staring” dress, red pumps, and my Gianni Versace Warhol Couture purse! I was so nervous but heard it didn’t translate at all which is good lololol.Darling Cait looking beautiful for her own cameo in the video. Cait is also a recording artist, check out her music by clicking here!The cast partying it up! See my girl Janet with the hat?!Miriam did such a good job styling Oneal and the cast!Look at all of that greatness on that rack!Me and my girl Janet! I love her!Check out her necklace! Oh and don’t let the incognito look fool you, under those shades and that hat, girl is definitely a problem..And I mean that in the best way.lolololThe two beautiful sisters Janet and Stephanie!
They are so adorable.My girls Darling Cait and Janet looking ahhh-mazing!Cait has a very unique sense of style that I can totally agree with! My kind of girl!!!I need to take her to Vegas with me for VLV, she will stop traffic!The ladies!!!I cannot wait till the video is finished and released and will keep you all updated! This was such a great experience and I just want to thank Oneal for letting me be a part of his video!

Good times!!


5 Comments on “Behind the scenes of Oneal McKnight’s music video “Crazy”!

  1. u look lovely as usual! do u by any chance know where ur girl janet got her shoes?

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