Billy’s Antiques: New this week!

I worked at Billy’s Antiques last week and saw a bunch of brand new things! Jay brought in an extra table full of jewelry, some more furniture, and some great decor. Billy’s has a steady rotation of items that come in and out of the shop and it is always exciting to come in every friday and see brand new inventory. This time around, as I was working, Jay handed me two really cool vintage comic novels that I fell in love with right away. He also showed me a garrison cap that coincidentally matched my Stop Staring dress! Sometimes I have to tell him not to show me stuff because I end up leaving with bag loads of goodies lol. It is so hard to work at a place where you love everything! Check out all of the treasure that is in the shop right now!Ok this dining set I was sitting on is absolutely AMAZING. It is from the 1950s and would be in my house right now if I had the space. WAH and just $150!This is Jay, the boss man. He runs Billy’s Antiques and is the most awesome boss you could ever have. Trust me, we can argue that.Look at this purse and yes it is real. $45Vintage suitcases!More Jewelry!Scorpio!Love this little clock necklace $18More rings!Elephants!My two new novels!It’s a brownie cam!We still have dress forms! That table on the other hand was SOLD.Love this dresser. The pink one next to it was sold.It’s an ocelot, it’s REAL, and very Rare.Love this ship!Sold!Check out my new Garrison cap I found there! Matches me perfectly!Pat Fields bought this cool vintage helmet!This porcupine is just cooling out next to these vintage lamps.
We got a new turtle in!
Jay always has beautiful ornate mirrors. I love them and they sell FAST.
Love these stackable tables from the 50s! Just $20 each!1950s end table!Some more tables!I pledge allegiance to the vintage american flag!Thats all folks!

Stop by Billy’s Antiques this week to see what all the fuss is about!

Billy’s Antiques

76 E Houston Street

NY, NY 10012


9 Comments on “Billy’s Antiques: New this week!

  1. You look stunning as always. Do you ever get sick of these compliments? I hope not!

    That store looks awesome! I love all the jewelry. Sigh.

  2. I am so in love with that dress and would do absolutely anything to find it. Care to share?

  3. Yes, looking beautiful as always. Billy’s looks like a really nice shop. I must take the time to visit.

  4. Geeez!!! I have to spend some of my money there 🙂 I love the jewelry, and little knicks knacks! The smashbox camara is adorable!!!! Ekk ^_^

  5. Wish I was there! The Frenchy mag reminds me of Mama Vandal!!

  6. Amazing pieces !!!!! Loving that $45 handbag, exclusive….the novel title “Frenchy” is quite suitable for your mom to frame for herself ; )

  7. You look so fresh, love your style! And all that fabulous jewelry! I have to make a trip downtown!

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