V.V in Betsey Johnson Press book!

I stopped by the Betsey Johnson store in Soho the other day and was delightfully surprised to find out that I was actually featured in their press book!

So happy! Thank you Betsey!



7 Comments on “V.V in Betsey Johnson Press book!

  1. I have yet to purchase a Betsy Johnson dress. Thanks for making me aware of the beauty it is.

    • I suggest doing what you love, If you are a writer..WRITE. If you are a painter..PAINT. There is something fulfilling about being creative and following your passions that have nothing to do with the love you have for someone but the love you have for yourself. If you followed your heart and it let you down, follow your dreams instead.

  2. damn, thanx i love to color as a child i loved it sounds childish but i don’t care…. if only you knew the pain i have received from an ass hole i once loved.damn. thanx again

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