DJ Cassidy’s Birthday Party at the Intrepid!

[Doug E Fresh & DJ Cassidy]

I was invited to DJ Cassidy’s birthday party at the intrepid last week and I cannot tell you how much fun I had that night. It was an awesome experience to party at the intrepid of all places with none other than my girls Janete and Darling Cait. First we pre-gamed at the London hotel penthouse while Cassidy put on his birthday suit. He looked sharp dressed in a yellow suit alongside his beautiful bella (Janete) who looked gorgeous in a gold sequined dress and matching heels. I wore a Betsey Johnson 2 piece ensemble in red lipstick and 60s hair. Cait mashed up two great eras and wore a hot dress and mesh top with a faux-hawk and door knockers; FRESH! After pregaming at the penthouse we were off in 2 limos to the intrepid to celebrate Cassidy’s birthday! I had so much fun, met so many great people, and saw so many great performances. It was one of those epic nights you will always remember.Best Buds Oneal McNight and Dj Cassidy. They are both so sweet and down to earth.The dynamic trio looking muy caliente for the party!Hennessy Pinups!New Edition performing! There were celebs everywhere!A snap shot of us before entering the intrepid.The London hotel PenthouseOne of the best parts of my night was the strawberries and nutella lmaoThe decor was phenomenal.Darling Cait looking great!Hot sex on a platter Janete!Haute-ies!Beautiful stylist Miriam and her musically talented beau Oneal McKnight, they are so cute together<3Caliente!Janete needs to wear this dress like…everyday.And those shoes lolol.boop boop be doop boop!Isn’t she lovely?Meow<3
The view<3Cait and I in the limo.Party ahead!Media overload.Aircraft!
It is so cool partying on a giant boat with tons of aircraft aboard. I should have worn a navy seal inspired outfit lol.My girl..Wants to…Party all the time!The night is over, off I go!

Happy Birthday Cassidy!

Good times!


3 Comments on “DJ Cassidy’s Birthday Party at the Intrepid!

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time with amazing friends. Good for you.

  2. You are too fancy for me!!! 😀
    Looks like a great one.

  3. your glasses are like the ones silken floss wearsin the spirit! I’ve been trying to get my handson a pair like that FOREVER. Where’d you find them?

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