43rd Annual Old Timers Day Festival!

Last weekend my friends invited me to the 43rd Annual Old Timer’s Day Festival. I am making it my mission to attend every year because this really brings me back to my culture as a Puerto Rican or should I say Newyorican lol ;). I just love it, the food is amazing, the music is amazing, the energy is amazing; people are just having fun and dancing to the best latin tunes. It is important to know where you come from and what your culture is about and I learn something new about mine every time I attend one of these events. It was the perfect summer day with amazing friends and I even purchased some really cool items from the vendors there. Check out photos and more details inside!
These guys were playing the congas a block away from the actual festival. I loved watching them play and it reminded me of my uncle in California.This is my friend Enchante, she looked great for the festival in a cute white crop top, a beautiful floral skirt, a fedora, yellow flats, and a cute cigar box purse!Check out her nails!Love her purse!These guys were dressed up in Puerto Rican fashion lolol!I loved this bike. We just had to take pictures with it!We just couldn’t get our heads under the awning lolol.So pretty!I couldn’t get my head under it either. lololThis vendor had great handmade jewelry. I think it was all made of clay.I fell in love with the Taino rings here and couldn’t resist buying one!Love it!While passing this wooden portraits, one REALLY stood out to me.

Enchante was so SWEET and purchased this portrait for me because I loved it so much. Here is a little bit of info on Lolita Lebron.

Dolores “Lolita” Lebrón Sotomayor
 was an active advocate for Puerto Rican independence. She was born and raised in Lares, Puerto Rico, where she joined the Liberal Party. In 1941, Lebrón migrated to New York City, where she joined the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, gaining influence within the party’s leadership. Within the organization she promoted ideals based on socialist and feminist principles.

In 1952, after Puerto Rico’s official status was changed to “Commonwealth”, the Nationalist Party began a series of revolutionary actions, including the Jayuya Uprising. As part of this initiative,Pedro Albizu Campos ordered her to organize attacks in the United States, focusing on locations that were “the most strategic to the enemy”. She became the leader of a group of nationalists, who proceeded to attack the United States House of Representatives in 1954. She was incarcerated as a result. Lebrón remained imprisoned 25 years, when Jimmy Carter issued pardons to the group involved. After their release in 1981, the nationalists returned to Puerto Rico, where independence movements received them with a celebration. During the following years she continued her involvement in pro-independence activities, including the Navy-Vieques protests. Her life would be subsequently detailed in books and a documentary. On August 1, 2010, Lebrón died from complications of a cardiorespiratory infection.

See why I needed this portrait up on my wall?

Bailando!Care for a cigar?Love this girl!If you are wondering what I am wearing, it is a vintage dress I bought at Buffalo Exchange a while ago. I love it and wore it with my vintage basket purse, hat, and nude Steve Madden pumps.Enchante and my besty Santiago, cutest couple in ze world!aw<3!Que bonita bandera!
FOOD!When I saw this car I nearly passed out….…So we had to take pics with it!Santi!It matches my dress perfectly!I’ll end this post with a very stylish lady. She had so much swag!


6 Comments on “43rd Annual Old Timers Day Festival!

  1. Okay, that lil’ lady at the end brought her A-game to the Old Timer’s Festival! You and Enchante don’t look so bad yourself (wink). Enchante’s face when she was trying to get her head under than awning is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I definitely need to partake in some festival fun the next time I head to NYC. It looks like the best ones are in the summa time!!

  2. Looks like I missed a great festival. Glad you guys had a great time. You and Enchante looked lovely………Derek did too.

  3. I don’t have to tell you that i want that bike! lol
    I love the pics of you with the green car, very cool!

  4. you go girl enjoying you
    roots wish i was there your uncle

  5. Loved that day with you and Ench! Thank you for including us. Great post 😀

  6. I’ve been following your blog for a long while now, and I had read in one of your earlier postings that you style your hair depending on the outfit for the day. I also have really long hair but I always stick to a bun, braid, or straight hair because I can’t figure out what else to do with it. My question to you is; would it be too much to ask if you can post style and technique tips on how you style your hair? I know that most vintage hair styles accommodate for women with short hair but, what about the Latinas with the long hair??

    thanks!! xxoo

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