Billy’s Antiques: NEW at the shop!

From here on out I will be doing weekly posts on the new items we receive at Billy’s Antiques. As many of you already know, I am now working there friday’s and saturday’s (depending on my schedule) and I can’t tell you how much I love this place and the people I work with along with all of the treasures that I find there on a daily basis. Billy’s has a steady rotation of items that come in and out of the shop and it is always exciting to come in every friday and see brand new inventory. The other day while I was working I found this wonderful boater hat. I had been searching for one for a long time and FINALLY got my hands on one that was the perfect colorway and size thanks to Billy’s! I also found some really cool shoe cuff links that I cant wait to wear with a men’s button down. It is so hard to work at a place where you love everything! Check out all of the treasure that is in the shop right now along with some other items I found for myself! šŸ˜‰

I get to bring my little munchkin to work, he is such a pain though lolol. That book I am reading is a love comic from the 40s!
The beautiful boater hat I found sitting on top of a disco ball at Billy’s!Jay the co-owner of Billy’s whom I LOVE, took this right out of his back pack to show me and I nearly DIED. It is a Bettie Page book of her photos that is over 50 years old and in PERFECT condition. I just had to have it so I grabbed it right away!Shoe cuff links! Jay showed me these too! He knows me so well lol. MINE!

On to the other items!Hot cute is this vintage purse?Vintage clothes! Most are about $10!Dress forms just $45!Corner Cabinet in candy apple RED!
Anyone interested in a Keith Haring toilet? lololVintage and modern jewelry and broches!
Belt buckles just $15!Amazing picture frames!This beautiful bench looks like it is from the early 1900’s! It is VERY old and in good condition.Vintage easel?Always wanted one of these luggage closets!Modern and Vintage lamps!Vintage Map of the BMT lines $70!Tons of vintage furniture.Love these chests!Vintage fans!It’s a zoo in here!Some more jewelry in the cases<3Badges!There is even coffin cases!Canvas of pills!Bear rug! whoaa.Vintage TV and some kiddie cowboy boots.
I love this nut cracker!Cute bike, perfect for a young boy!Geez look at that mountain lion!Pink Lady costume!Billy’s has tons of these subway signs! $550That’s it for this week folks! Come by Billy’s and check it out for yourself!

Billy’s Antiques

76 E Houston Street

NY, NY 10012


6 Comments on “Billy’s Antiques: NEW at the shop!

  1. Is that Lamb’s/Sheep’s head still there?? Does this store ship to Canada? Prices? šŸ˜® I’m in love.

  2. do they still have the huge Dr Lector painting that was my moms favorite she is a big silence of the lambs fan..Its wicked awesome that your working there your gonna snatch up so much cool stuff. The jewelry tables their always draw me rite in so i know your helpless lol.. Ciao!

  3. haha I love passing by Billy’s!! ther’s a;ways crazie stuff outside haha… What a perfect Job you have!! amoungst all those vintage artifacts lol!!

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