Treasure at Billy’s Antiques!

You guys have already seen the last post I did on Billy’s Antiques and you know how crazy I am about this place. You can rest assure that every time you visit Billy’s Antiques, there is brand new treasures just waiting to be found. I love this shop so much I am going to be working Friday’s and Saturdays there so please feel free to pay me a visit! I will also be taking care of Billy’s blog to post rare and wonderful things they get in just so you all are updated. In this post I am going to focus merely on the girly things I found at Billy’s within the past few days like his wonderful accessories! Check it out inside!Hanging out on the inside in a Betsey Johnson dress, Jessica Simpson heels, and my vintage basket purse. By the way this is a half wig I am wearing, not my real hair lolol. I had to tell you all before I get ten comments asking me if I cut mine.On to the shiny things!Love these vintage cameo clip-on earrings! They are only $5!Can you believe all of these vintage earrings are just $5?!These are just $5 too!Love the green stone clip-ons! These are all $5.Love those vintage crystal earrings at the bottom left. Some of these are $10 and some are $5
Some of these rings are $10 and some are $15. The broches and money clips are soo cool!These rings are especiallll, just $15!I spy with my cat-eys something that looks like cat cuff links! Only $8!So cool and already sold out!Vintage cuff links just $8!Billy’s has a TON of necklaces, none cost more than $30! Vintage & new!
Love the Neffertiti necklace!My favorite out of this bunch is this beautiful victorian cameo locket necklace.Soo pretty!Right now Billy’s has a ton of really cool tribal necklaces.
Cute little earrings old and new!These earrings are adorable! $5Love these sea shells too! $5Some cool necklaces!Check out this ring! I love it! Already sold!Look, I am married!Gorg!Dainty!Off the subject of pretty shiny things, I reallly want this vintage clown head from an old amusement park. It used to blow balloons! Just $150!This case has some REALLY cool items like vintage vanity pieces, fossils, and other winky dinks!I love these metal miniature poodles!These cool leopard chairs are nooo longer at Billy’s they were sold! I am so jealous of the people who purchased them!See how comfy I am?Billy’s also has some really cool scarves, I found this one and fell in love! They are all just $5!
Can’t wait to wear it!Another cute scarf I found!This one is super elegant!Love these lace handkerchiefs!This one HAD to be mine. I love it!You can also find sunglasses there like these!
Look how cute Ingrid looks in them along with her new scarf!I went again the other day and found some really cool Magazines from the 50’s.I nearly died when I found them! Look at all of this greatness! All in perfect condition!Amazing and just enough to make a girl like me happy!Look at Lilly St. Cyr! What a doll!

Billy’s Antiques is located on 76 E Houston Street off Bowery

Thats it for now till next week loves!


17 Comments on “Treasure at Billy’s Antiques!

  1. girl!!! I LOVE it all! 5 dollars! i would be went crazy in there! There was this amazing vintage guy at eastern market in my city, but he stopped selling jewelry for some reason! So upset, all of his earring were 3 bucks each.

  2. Whats the address too this place, planning everything for my NY trip.

  3. I love how you style your half wigs! Do you purchase online or instore?

  4. I SO want to go shopping with you. Your makeup looks ridiculously good- love the cat eye!

    • thats the serious truth! I want to wear make up like that!

  5. I came across that place a few days ago and I knew it was so familiar! Unfortunately it was closing up but I got to see some of the jewelry and I fell in love, I gotta go there again this weekend.

  6. Wow! That first dress is to die for! I am always excited to see a new post from you in my Google reader, I always know it will be unique and interesting and that you will look different to every other way youve looked before 😀

  7. Hey Jasmin, Looking good. Where is “Billy’s” located at? Looks like Houston street????

  8. Oh my god it’s ring heaven in there. I think that’s what heaven looks like….I bet the virgin mary shops there!

  9. That places looks AWESOME!! I would have a field day with the necklaces and scarves!

  10. How to wrap your scarfs like that! the second picture of the pink scarf? mine never look like this!

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