Jazz Age Festival at Governors Island!

I FINALLY made it out to Governors Island for the Jazz Age festival. I have been invited many times but something would always come up so I couldn’t miss this one and I am glad I didn’t. I attended the event with my friend Michele of House of Savoia and my gal pal Ingrid and we had a grand ol time. I felt like I was in a time warp; right back in the 1920s. The ladies were dressed in shapeless 20s dresses and pearls and men were in suits and boater hats. I wore one of my best vintage pieces; a playsuit that could pass for 1920s along with a turban, vintage broche, and snake-skin Jessica Simpson shoes. I finger-waved my hair and wore my 1920s wig as a half-wig (I don’t expect you all to understand the technics of my hairstyle lol). Michele went in a very dapper suit, spectators, and a polka dot tie. He is always very fashionable and has exquisite taste. Ingrid went in a 1950s vintage dress and really cute wedges. I styled her hair in victory rolls and complimented it with one of my vintage hats. We were all dressed for the occasion and had such a wonderful and peaceful day at this gathering. I will definitely attend the next one and I suggest you attend too! Check out more details and photos inside ❤ Walking down the red brick road with all of the dapper gentlemen and all of the lovely dolls.They taught dance lessons!I wanted to join in but was so nervous!They had really great vintage vendors there but the prices were a bit much.I loved these vintage purses and that floral parasol.Children’s vintage. Made me melt a little.Michele was intrigued by the pocket squares. So was I. Girls can wear pocket squares too ya know.This is heaven for old-fashioned guys.
Look at those pocket watches and those tie clips! The flasks were pretty neat too!Oh…my…God. LOVE!Look at those ties!Visit FineandDandyshop.com!Vintage shoes!Purses and hats!Vintage frames and jewelry!Vintage Baby clothes! ::Melts::Vintage dresses!Hats and more hats. Heaven for a hat collector.Ingrid and I inhaled this ice cream, it was sooo good!This cutie was selling pretty parasols and fans.ADORABLE.Vintage jewelry in vintage crystal!Loved this booth! See why?!Old automobiles<3It was so peaceful I wanted to just lay down and nap on the grass.How I integrated my real hair with this wig is beyond me. I get creative don’t I?The itty bitty pretty Inimac!And..itty bitty Vinny!Michele looking o-so-dapper! Best tailor in NYC!Love her!Dancing!Love this couple!Michael Arenella and his band. He exudes the jazz age era, is really talented, and plays a ton of instruments. It is really great to see someone as passionate about an era as I am. Check out this cute dance skit!
Amazing.Drool.Encore!Great vintage suitcases! Love the one with the dog!
Old tunes!So cute!Michele and his friend.Who’s that girllll?Adorable!This event was PACKED. Loved it.
Thank god for Michele’s leopard sheet, we were so comfy and in fashion lol.Speaking of fashion…like how I wore snake-skin with paisley?such a doll!Michele and the lovely cigarette girl! Only she was passing out CD’s :).
He is too cool for school. Such a great friend!Children playing tug-of-war!So cute!Rugby stopped by with goodies!

That’s all folks! I will post up a flyer on VV.com of the next festival. Hope you all can attend!

Great times!


11 Comments on “Jazz Age Festival at Governors Island!

  1. Great Post! Loved the Pix!
    Michele was so fly! I dont think i could’ve pulled that suit off as good as he did.

  2. I saw pictures of this festival on From Me To You’s Tumblr and wished I could go. Your outfit is magnificent! You remind me of a super cute Genie! haha! I love how much fun you have in life 🙂

  3. I’m upset I had to miss it too. Looks like such an awesome event. Hopefully, I will not miss it next year.

  4. You rocked the hair. You’re the triple-threat, aren’t you? Able to handle clothing, makeup, and hair! Love your outfit, and the snakeskin heels were perfection with it. FAB!

  5. Girl you look amazing!! I wish they had things like this in DC! i love all the vendors they have.

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