V.V x Pinstripe Magazine!

As of recently I was asked to do an oh-so-personal interview for Pinstripe Magazine, a guid to gear, girls, and gadgets. I say personal because the interview asks me about my love life, something I keep very personal these days. It’s raunchy and so is the shoot, it’s a lot different from my normal interviews. However, I don’t mind giving people a little hint of what I am about so I rose up to the occasion and answered all of the questions honestly. I always keep it real and I don’t sugar coat anything so many of my responses to the questions may be a little over the top for some viewers but this is who I am. Check out what Pinstripe said about me along with some extra photos you didn’t see in the interview.

“We start our Pinstripe At Her Place series with the luscious Jasmin Rodriguez also known as Vinny Vandalizm. She is a blogger, artist, stylist, model, and pin-up culture expert. Jasmin Rodriguez is someone that thinks outside the box and is always inspired by the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We were invited to the sexy and voluptuousmodel’s apartment to interview her and create a seductive lingerie photoshoot. Read on to know what she loves in a man and in the bedroom.”

For the photoshoot I wore an Agent Provocateur set called “Manuela” along with my custom Jaxton Agent Provocateur Top hat, Betsey Johnson gloves, Mink skull necklace, Alexander McQueen boots, and my burlesque tasselled scarf.

Click any of the photos or click here to read the interview!

Photos by my girl Ingrid Campos of Customfad.com


4 Comments on “V.V x Pinstripe Magazine!

  1. calienteeeeeeeeeeeeeee as always!! thsi is the funnies thing ever- I was by the Buckingham fountain in Chicago when I read you blog- its the fountain that comes out in Married With children.. and how ironic you had the Peg bundy wig on lolol !! you ROCK- you know this!!

  2. Great interview and photos! I think you should do a photoshoot in cute outfits with vintage aprons! If you haven’t already. I love vintage aprons and I love to cook. XO

  3. I see an inspiring artist in the makeing follow your dream you have lots of talent & beauty your versatile trend is becoming of you!!!! The name you have Chosen for yourself fits due to the fact that you wear a muliti Era fashion all in one dressing earns you the name ” Vintage Vandalizm ”

    A dear friend of your Mother
    Frankie AKA Star*

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