The Gay Bajo party!

For pride month I hosted this really cool party called Gay Bajo at Tamanny hall along with my girl Valissa, Brooklyn socialite Contessa, my best friend and artist Santiago, and the mastermind behind it all Geko Jones. In celebration of gay pride I decided to go dressed as half-man half-woman and hosted a photobooth where people could dress up in 1920s accessories and be as androgynous as they wanted to be. The photobooth was so much fun and it was great to see people having such a good time. I could hardly keep my camera steady because the music was phenomenal, it made you want to dance! While I was busy snapping away, Santiago graced the crowd with his beautiful artwork and created a live portrait on a big screen while people danced and enjoyed the colorful imagery. Valissa DJ’d part of the night and had everyone going crazy on the dance floor. She wore this beautiful white sequined jumper that looked great on her and sparkled while she spun those turntables. Zuzuka Ponderosa also had the crowd going nuts in a sequin ensemble, and her performance was wild and full of energy. The venue was up to capacity with people, all having a great time in celebration of gay pride. What made the night even better were the sassy drag queen and burlesque dancers who all gave amazing jaw-dropping performances. The night couldn’t have been more incredible, I got to party with some of my favorite people and I was even delighted to see many of my readers there! Check out more inside!

Half man half woman half cool half amazing?The DJ and mastermind of great parties Geko Jones!Setting up the photo booth with my friend Lourdes and Mari!Us playing dress-up!Moooostache!A fierce kitty and a cute flapper!So happy these gals came out to play!
Valissa, Zuzuka, and the gang!Mari’s disappearing into that top hat, Lourdes is in lala land, Enchante looks like a doll, and I’m glove-happy!lashes and staches!Valissa and Zuzuka with their hawt sequin ensembles!LMAO! Lourdes’s stash is hilarious!Look at how hot Eduardo is here! That fabulous gal in the hat is Vida, she’s such a sweetie pie!
love is love!Love her tattoo!WEPA!The Jack’s of all trades!lol Eduardo and that flapper band lolol The girl in the black dress is Contessa and girl can VOGUE.Go Gabriel! Go Gabriel! Go!Eduardo getting his groove on!I must say, I do like my girlier side better 😉Flappers and dapper dolls!
Look at this fierce kitty!This guy is one of my readers, he was so sweet!
lolol I loved them!These dolls had me cracking up. The one on the far right is one of my readers!Lovely!

Lorena St. Cartier had the crowd in the palms of her hands!WEPA!Gabriel and Eduardo. Hugs!Miss Marie Janae and I looking oh-so-fabulous!You GO GIRL!She dropped it like it was hot alright lololol.Gal Friday giving a great performance in a 1920s outfit!Contessa vogue-ing it up on stage with some performers!
Santiago’s beautiful artwork on the big screen!Amazing!Santiago and his Queen E!I was dancing on stage lol. It was Valissa’s fault lolol.Drew and Marie, a dynamic duo!
So glad my gal Enchante was able to come to this event! The two brats of Santiago’s life lololol. His girl Enchante and his lil sis meee!lol look at Santiago’s face.The beautiful Valissa working her magic!ZUZUKA!!!WEPA!Zuzuka had the queen’s dancing!The boys<3lololol! Good times!

Photos by: Vintage Vandalizm

Special thanks to everyone else who made this party great!

Stay updated on these type of events by visiting Geko Jones website!


5 Comments on “The Gay Bajo party!

  1. Definately had a great time. Loved the club. The music, photo booth and performances were amazing. Too bad I had to work the next morning, if not, I would have stayed till it closed. Mind you I left at 3:00 a.m. Would definately go there again.

  2. Loved it! Right now im kicking myself for not making it out there. WTF was i doing? I think i was at a METS game or something… Ooh next time going in! XD
    And yes you looked lovely as a half man/half woman
    actually i love that first photo! Thats awesome ^_^

  3. omg looked like so much fun lol u look like ur dad with a stache lol

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